Ubuntu under Xilinx Platform Cable usb/altera usb-blaster/seed XDS-560

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Under non-root permissions to run the IDE, such as VIVADO/QUARTUS/CCS, need to use JTAG when the issue of permissions, almost all USB debugging devices under Linux will encounter this problem. Here is an example of how to solve this problem with Xilinx Platform Cable USB.

After plugging in the USB, view the device

001 006

View permissions for this device

ls -l/dev/bus/usb/001/006CRW11895  24  :/dev/bus/usb/ 001/006

You can see that the current user does not have executable permissions, and other USB debugging devices are the result. We can give the USB executable permission by adding rules

sudo gedit/etc/udev/rules.d/-usbblaster.rules

The contents are as follows

# Altera usb-Blastersubsystem=="USB", attr{idvendor}=="09FB", attr{idproduct}=="6001", mode="0666", symlink+="Usbblaster"# Xilinx USB cablesubsystem=="USB", attr{idvendor}=="03FD", attr{idproduct}=="000f", mode="0666", symlink+="usbcable"SUBSYSTEM=="USB", attr{idvendor}=="03FD", attr{idproduct}=="0008", mode="0666", symlink+="usbcable"# SEED-Xds560v2subsystem=="USB", attr{idvendor}=="0525", attr{idproduct}==" -", mode="0666", symlink+="xds560v2"

Note that the Xilinx Platform Cable USB configuration has two devices 03fd:000f and 03fd:0008, and I've been doing this for a long time to discover that the idproduct of this USB device will be in hardware manager--open new tar Get automatically from the former into the latter, the former has the ability to execute the case.

If there is no value for Jtag Clock Frequency

If 03fd:0008 already has Execute permission, cancel the open New Hardware Target first.

When you are done

Altera Usb-blaster and SEED xds560v2 are simpler, as long as they are properly configured in the rules and can be used after restarting the computer.

Ubuntu under Xilinx Platform Cable usb/altera usb-blaster/seed XDS-560

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