Ubuntu10.10 NIC configuration file reboot failed

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Tags iptables

Environment: Ubuntu 10.10

Goal: Configure the load iptables rule when the NIC starts

The various operations found on the network:

Sh-c "Iptables-save >/etc/iptables.rules"


# # Add a command under the target card

# # pre-up Iptables-restore </etc/iptables.rules

However, it was found by test. These configurations will be lost after the reboot, and you will see this file header.

# This configuration the file is auto-generated.

# Warning:do Not edit this file, your changes would be lost.

# please create/edit/etc/network/interfaces.head And/etc/network/interfaces.tail instead,

# their contents'll be inserted at the beginning

# of this file, respectively.


# Note:it is isn't guaranteed that the contents Of/etc/network/interfaces.tail

# would be in the very end of this file.

The file is written very clearly and the/etc/network/interfaces is automatically generated. If we need a custom configuration, create/etc/network/interfaces.head or/etc/network/interfaces.tail. Which/etc/network/interfaces.tail is not recommended.

Here's an example:

Auto venet0:0

Iface venet0:0 inet Static



Pre-up Iptables-restore </etc/iptables.rules

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