UEFI motherboard How to install Windows 8 via U disk

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Perhaps many users will encounter the same problem with the boy, that is, the new platform UEFI, larger than 2T hard drive, no CD-ROM computer, UEFI motherboard unexpectedly did not shell.efi command, so what can be good?

When this happens, let's not worry. The boy found the solution, the specific operation is as follows

1. Format u disk into FAT16/32 partition (EFI can only identify FAT16 32), and then establish Efimicrosoftboot folder copy installation disk BCD into the EFI BOOT copy installation disk Bootx64.efi into the Sources folder, Copy installation disk Sources folder Boot.wim into the boot folder, copy installation disk BOOT.SD.

2. Download the attachment Bootmgfw.efi and Shell.efi provided by the kid in the root directory.

3. Enter the Uefi BIOS, select the uefi u disk boot, enter the PE repair computer, advanced tools-command Prompt-Locate the hard disk WIN8 installation file directory into Sources-setup installation (provided that the hard disk has been converted to GPT format).

Well, with the above steps, we'll be able to successfully install and boot the Windows 8 system through the UEFI approach, which is not very convenient.

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