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UG/moldwizardUser Manual


What is moldwizard?
Moldwizard is a gauge of the injection molding tool. the design of the cavity and the model frame database is one to one connection. moldwizard is a high-level mold creation tool with a stand-up cavity, Type Core, slide block, lifting and mounting, and embedded parts, result of a three-dimensional entity.
In moldwizard, the module has a close knowledge _ type core and cavity, the model holder Library and the standard component _ are combined in a strong technical group such as UG/wave and Unigraphics.
● Process Automation
● Ease of use
● Complete correlation.
Main steps:
● Quasi-Backup
○ Loading product model/model device labeling/calculation and contraction rate/set the size of the hair bulb/center layout.
● Type Core and Cavity
○ Search for parting lines/create parting surface/repair holes/extraction areas/build cores and cavities.
● Model frame library and Standard Parts

User Interface
○ Guides you through a reasonable step for completing your model design.

Load the product connecting parts to the mold design project and construct an initial mold assembly.

Mold Assembly template tree

Users can build or modify the model set tree. the path for configuring the model tree with the English and meter single-bit phantoms is determined by the variable volume in \ moldwizard \ mold_defaults.def:
Mw_moldassemblymetrictoptemplate: \ Users \ moldtree \ anytop. PRT
Mw_moldassemblymetricproducttemplate: \ Users \ moldtree \ anyprod. PRT

Mold Coordinate System

Mold csys relocates the link of the Product Model and copies it in the shrinking part. moldwizard assumes that the XC-YC plane is the parting plane of the mold assembly in the ZC direction.

Then, locate the WCS:

Select mold csys

 Calculate Shrinkage

Shrinkage establishes a contraction part. The correlation between the product model and the contraction part allows the work on the model to update the contraction part.
Contraction is a proportional factor applied to the shrinking part to compensate for the contraction of the part during cooling.

Select the calculated shrinkage (shrinkage) graph to mark the auto-dynamic guide assembly and set the contraction part as the work part.

Set the blank size

Insert boxDefine a volume that will be used to define the size of the cavity and core blank. Set the blank size function by measuring parts and suggesting an appropriate size that can be adjusted to create a blank block.


Layout is used to add, remove, or relocate the cavity in the mold assembly structure. In this process, the product sub-assembly tree is manipulated.

The layout function is mainly used for multi-cavity molds.



The parting mode is the process of setting up the core and Cavity Based on the mould of a plastic part. when you select the parting graph, the explicit part changes from the animation to the front part.


● New modulo Performance

○ Auto-dynamic search and cable splitting
○ Auto-dynamic search for Patch Ring
○ Auto-dynamic Patching
○ Product design and Gu Wen


Mould Base

Standard Parts

Standard parts include top rod, Type Core pin, fixed ring and injection port, screw, lock block, guide column...

Note: _ handling behind the top bar
Use the parting plane to repair and cut the top Rod
Adjust the length of the top lever

Misumi standards

○ More changes to each type of tag
Many pieces, such
D/2 <DKC <H/2

Slider and top part

○ Block shape implementation by Mold Tools
○ Set the direction of the center line in the block
○ Standard parts added to the seat
○ Resetting Standard Parts
○ Adjust the full block size
○ Link the chunks to the seat and add them to the Object Body
○ Adjust the scale size when required.

Embedded Sample child:



● Balanced or non-balanced
○ Bit: Type-core side/type-cavity side
○ Original gate point
○ 8 type gate types are effective.

Gate Type:


○ Determine the guide line of the route path
○ Projection guide line to parting plane
○ Select a streaming track and create a streaming track based on the cut surface.

 Electric pole design example

Cavity Creation

The power of the Create Pocket is used to Create an empty cavity in the part of the module board, Type Core, type cavity, etc. when the standard parts are used as the work tools, all the parts on the mold base that are handed in with the standard parts will be automatically removed from the standard parts, and maintain its shape and ruler.

Target + standard _ first select the target body (model board, Type Core, type cavity), OK or apply, and then select a quasi-part.
Target body ___ selects the object, all the parts that are handed in with the object will be removed as the automatic parts of the work body.
Standard Part ___ when a quasi-part is selected, the quasi-part will be made as a tool body, and all the die boards and cores associated with it will be formed, cavity and so on will be used as the object auto-subtraction of the quasi-parts.

Parameter preset

___ Set it in the moldwizard/mold_defaults.def File

● Item category single-digit
● Path recording
● File name
● Layers and colors
● Handled items


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