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The 08 graduation, from UI designers to mobile game entrepreneurs, in this volatile process, as the design of his background, there are a lot of the bottom of his heart to chat with the students >>>

Cheng, graduated from South Polytechnic University in 2008.

The same year October joined the Fujian Network Dragon responsible for 91 mobile phone assistants, panda reading and other products UI design.

At the beginning of 2010, leaving for Hangzhou to start a business, opened a UI design company, has been deeply involved in Tencent mobile phone Butler pc version of the first edition of the design.

2011 Because can't stand the temptation of mobile Internet tide, transformation do research and development, because of lack of experience and their immature, after burning angel investment money refused new investment, 2012 end of the company.

2013 in a car control platform research and development company to do design director, the same year in May set up 10-minute design (micro-signal: ui_ten_minutes), the same year October 30, the establishment of small dream technology.

April 2014 "Knife Tower" officially began to develop.

The following is the old Cheng this big six months of entrepreneurial story.

At the beginning of the year to listen to a less familiar friend to me complaining about how the industry is a pit, how difficult the game. I listen to listen to suddenly interrupted him, ask if a game has: ARPG, DOTA, 3D, PvP against such a few key words, the market should be very welcome? He glanced at me and said, "Yes, this must be a big sale, the problem is

  "Can you develop it?" ”

So I called on and I collaborated 5 years of Sister Master, ran these several key words to wasteland.

First, there is no money. My little partner inside has to do the game, also has not to do the game, a discussion said, had, you come out the business to do the game, that how also must support Ah, then gather a 500,000 in my Shanghai rented a residential living room to start. I understand that these old guys are giving me face, shares and return what is not special care, they do not necessarily feel that this thing can become, and they also know, do this kind of game, only 500,000 at all even start not enough.

Not only no money, no one. Game production of the soul is planning, we have developed art, is not planning. In the brain to search the network, found that can hook up the Internet Dragon's main strategy (I just graduated from the Net Dragon after 2 years). In order to embody my sincerity, dedicated and a friend sat for 7 hours of the train Chi Chi, the dinner is at the time when the man said to me: "I will not leave the net dragon, but you can put the whole planning package to me, 100,000, otherwise you will be very difficult to make this game."

I think, forget it. It's not very reliable. So go back to Hangzhou to find and I worked together before 3 game planning, the result is unfortunate, the man's daughter-in-law belly up, see will be born, he was embarrassed in the teahouse said: Dude is not not want to help you, but you see this ... Hey!

So I can only use the most stupid way, one of the addition of a variety of planning groups, hair ads, was kicked out, and then find group Add, so Kung fu is not negative, two of the planning of the snail was I moved, from Suzhou to Shanghai to join us. So far, as Wu Gang said: a Sutaibani.

(pictured in my living room when I started my own business)

Game of the main plan case, the main way sister is angry: "Ya's mother was you fooled Ah, so big a game?" What the hell did you do that for? Did you say you were going to be a plant vs. Zombie 3D?

I have a weak and weak back: "DotA and Plants vs Zombies ... This is not the same ... It's the two-side rally.

"Shit! Plants vs. Zombies is there a way in there? Is there a skill? Is there a collision? Do you know how complex each piece is? The difficulty and the amount of work are far more than the number of times we've done before!

I thought, how can I not know, if I told you so you must not do it, but the mouth said is: "Ah!" so the trouble Ah! Then don't do it, big hole!

She said, "Let me try it first." ”

This is the test of the present. (The picture is that I'm installing a computer for my new comrade)

The reason why I started it with 500,000 was because I was in the bottom of my heart. What's the bottom of it? I ran to find the half of the 500,000 flowers. Another friend, he is a professional VC, know also more than 4 years, before the end of 2012 years almost cooperation, but I was because of a lot of setbacks, leading to their own no confidence, so this thing and I was the company to blow together. I am confident that he will help me when I come to see him this time.

But he told me another story.

Before I decided to disband my own company in 2012 for all sorts of frustrations, he was not only going to vote for my team, but also to cast another game platform. At that time we have done 4 games, 2 leisure games, 1 SNS social games, 1 chess game. The result does not have a money, oneself invests the money to burn out, more importantly is the confidence burns out, to own various suspicion, therefore also rejected that friend's investment. And who can think of the 2013 hand tour market size is 10 times times 2012 (2012 China Hand Tour market Size 1.2 billion, 2013 reached 12.5 billion)? A 2012-year-hard market, a few months later, is like a volcanic eruption! And at the end of 2013, The other game company he voted for was sold in N billion.

It's like watching a movie.

The so-called not by things, not with their own sad. He said I see you lack the basic quality of the entrepreneur! Why did you do it?

I said my team is gone, where can I get your money?

He said you cheated and cheated, and then one by one recalled?

I said never mind, I decided to come again. I want to do the DotA game on the phone.

"What is DotA?"

Me: "...

"How much do you charge?"

"3 million. ”

Oh, that's a little. How much is your card number?

Then a graceful "ding ~~~!", 95555 of the text message came. The money has been on my account.

"The world has its own true feelings" in the moment to the heart.

  The bitter research began.

Here's a little bit about the details of our map development. At first our scene was a super big map of about 16 screens, we have the whole DotA three line all done in, and later found in the Bai Mo stage is not very right-my fingers are sour, I control the role has not run to each other's home ... Tragedy AH.

A word--change Bai! So from 16 screen, 12 screen, 9 screen, 6 screen--until now relatively stable 3.5 screen, from the art visual to the map mechanism, before and after the change dozens of times, the art almost and the program to fight, but the effect came out, they hold their heads together to cry. We also get inspiration from the World of Warcraft Arena and WAR3 map, which is expected to have 5-6 maps of all kinds of gameplay before the line.

(pictured in the map we started to design)

Moba game on the mobile phone is the first major difficulty is the map design. Although now hold the mobile phone to play a game played more than 2 hours of people are more and more. But most people are still "fragmented" about the pre-set psychology of mobile gaming. My goal is to let the traditional game of more than 50 minutes of DotA compression to a inning only about 5 minutes. So the map design must not be "complex" and "grand."

Exquisite--is the design tenet of the map of the knife tower.

The hole in the map is over, the bigger pit is coming--the hero skill. The fun of DotA lies in the skill confrontation between different heroes. We have been thinking about this big hole for a long time, because we found that the traditional method is that I need the skill bar icon, and then click on the map, playing for a long time to feel good brain residue, experience very poor.

The turnaround is here. The daughter of the chief policy that I was in partnership with earlier was born. He called to me and said, "Do you have a place to live there?"

After learning about my distress, he said: "Why not change the skills needed to be accurately released and drag them directly from the skill bar to the target?"

I instantly thought of cutting watermelons. This idea is too bull B. Solved the big problem!

(The picture is our present office space)

If you use a word to describe this small six months, the bitter force is the most appropriate. Company from my small living room moved to the current shell office, from 2 people to the present 16 people, now the space is not enough, ready to continue to change a larger place. I this person's bad problem is if do not do oneself satisfaction, I am even say lazy to say, feel ashamed. Not like a lot of big are disruptive, what has not been done is the first trick.

A recent book, "Sense of participation," has a picture of a lot of people impressed. "Change, change, change ... and change! " The picture is now hanging on the wall of our office. This sincerity is able to express the attitude of our people to make products. I could have done 3 characters on the line like other games--the so-called quick-trial error! In fact, this is also true, because I also know that if the direction is wrong, no matter how hard it is wrong. And a series of appearances proved that I was in the right direction at the beginning because IPhone6 and IPhone6 plus were released. On the WWDC, Cook specifically demonstrated and promoted the "Ego" game.

Overnight, the mobile device on the DotA wind up. and "ego" in a line, 3V3, give up the joystick using the click Screen, and once again demonstrated that our design decision is correct. The difference is they are too big B, with their own development of the engine for iOS, and we use u3d, a lot of cool effects such as "real-time lighting", "dynamic Shadow" we can not achieve, because we can not only consider the iphone platform. By the way, even so, iPhone6 running our game is really cool, incredibly smooth. In the larger screen, as if every hero is more vivid, each of the special effects of the skill is also more dazzling.

In China's hand parade--even in the area of the end-page tour, the people who pay attention to the game music are also very few, most of them are looking for a past outsourcing company to buy a few minutes even after the event, the sound is also from other games in the game bag dug out. And our game, directly to find the "Monster Hunter" music production team tailored to us two of extremely domineering background music, and invited the Beijing Philharmonic Orchestra (Youku can be found in their previous concert) to play. Because I compare to the turtle, I have never been to the scene to hear the symphony, except for the occasional vgl. And when I stand in the gigantic studio in Beijing, listen to 24 string musicians, 10 players playing our game music-as if 34 professional musicians only for you to perform-that experience, I did not see how the market almost a good-for-nothing tears ran! Next time, if there's a chance, I'll take you with me. !

(Picture of game music recording scene)

Don't dispute the steamed bread for breath. Me and the Negro (my partner, who was also a bitter old friend years ago) once pointed to the nose in a maid's café in Hangzhou and said, "You can't do this game!" then proudly show me a game of their cottage. What I thought at that time is, the mother, all the cottage how not to find a cattle b point of the Cottage Ah!

I have been pointed to the force asked: you TMD think you do this thing's core competitiveness is?! I think our core competitiveness is the relentless pursuit of the game experience, the game is known as "digging pit" so that, we "dig pit" ability is not very strong (not no), our research and development personnel on 5 people, of course, also in the expansion (hurry to join us, pro!) but what's more valuable is that we not only know where the target is, We also have the ability to design and achieve goals. Company meeting Room has two marching beds, who tired to go in to lie for a while, every night after 1 o'clock office still brightly lit. Tens of thousands of lines of code, hundreds of special effects, hundreds of icons, so the accumulation of this bit by bit today.

Writing this article is October 10 1:39 A.M., the company is still brightly lit, there are 10 of brothers in preparation for the day's release. And my big headphones are "old boy", 85 was born I will step into the 30-year-old, "Youth is like a torrent of rivers, a go too late to say goodbye", but I can proudly say I worthy of their youth, I do not have to "once ambition juvenile, envy the wild Geese flying south." After six months after the official online game, I hope can also be worthy of my shoulders with the brothers, worthy of incomparable trust my investors friends.

Because, here's the story, we'll write it down together.

Finally want to say, recently took time to read the "three-body", "reducing the dimensions of the attack" the idea is really a mess of cow B. And I'm interacting with little dreams. In addition to continuing to do a good job in this game, it is to "Ascend dimension". I'm going to design the next dimension myself-"It's a little bit of a thrill to think about!"

  It's a recruit! Grow up with a little dream, take dividends, take equity: http://www.xiaomeng.cc

  Small dream behind the team uncensored outflow

Small dream beta1.0--old Jia Cheng's living room period

Small Dream Official edition 2.0--time of writing room

Small dream 3.0--high-rise building period

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