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Common attributes and methods of uilabel:

// Create a uilabel object

Uilabel * label = [[uilabel alloc] initwithframe: Self. View. bounds];

// Set the display text

Label. Text = @ "This Is A uilabel demo ,";

// Set the text font

Label. font = [uifont fontwithname: @ "Arial" Size: 35];

// Set the text color

Label. textcolor = [uicolor yellowcolor];

// Set the text horizontal display position

Label. textalignment = uitextalignmentcenter;

// Set the background color

Label. backgroundcolor = [uicolor bluecolor];

// Set the word Folding Method

Label. linebreakmode = uilinebreakmodewordwrap;

// Set whether the label can display multiple rows. If the value is 0, multiple rows are displayed.

Label. numberoflines = 0;

// Dynamically sets the uilabel height based on the Content size.

Cgsize size = [label. Text sizewithfont: Label. Font constrainedtosize: Self. View. bounds. Size linebreakmode: Label. linebreakmode];

Cgrect rect = label. frame;

Rect. Size. Height = size. height;

Label. Frame = rect;

I have attached various uilinebreakmode situations, but I have not tried them one by one.

Typedef Enum {
Uilinebreakmodewordwrap = 0,
} Uilinebreakmode;

Uilinebreakmodewordwrap = 0,
Line feed in units of words, truncated in units.
Line feed in characters, truncated in characters.
Line feed in words. Truncation in characters.
Line feed in words. If it is a single row, the start part has a ellipsis. If there are multiple rows, there is a ellipsis in the middle, and there are 4 characters after the ellipsis.
Line feed in words. Whether it is a single row or multiple rows, there is a ellipsis at the end.
Line feed in words. Whether it is a single line or multiple lines, there are ellipsis in the middle, and there are only two characters behind the ellipsis.

Special effects:

1. Vertical text display

To achieve this effect, netizens have provided four methods:

1.1 rotate uilabel. This method is not optional. The orientation of each font after rotation is still problematic.

1.2 add a line break to each text, which is the most convenient and simple implementation method.

Label. Text
= @ "Please \ n vertical \ n straight \ n party \ n Direction \ n row \ n column ";

Label. numberoflines = [label. Text length];

1.3 create a new canvas and draw vertical lines of text on uilabel.

1.4 rewrite the uilabel class and add the vertical bar text display function.

Reference http://www.cnblogs.com/salam/archive/2012/05/31/UILabel.html

Bold text effect:
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