Uitextfield Manual Writing

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One, Uitextfield manually write controls

Uitextfield *txtaccount = [[uitextfield alloc] initwithframe:cgrectmake (ten, ten,+) ];

// set up delegates

[Txtaccount setdelegate:Self];

// Set placeholder

[Txtaccount setplaceholder:@ " account "];

// set color

[Txtaccount setvalue:[uicolor Redcolor] forkeypath:@ "_placeholderlabel.textcolor"];

//  Set Font

[Txtaccount setvalue:[uifont boldsystemfontofsize:16] forkeypath:@ "_placeholderlabel.font"];

// Set text alignment

[Txtaccount settextalignment:nstextalignmentleft];

// set style

[Txtaccount setborderstyle:uitextborderstyleroundedrect];

// join the view

[Self. View addsubview: Txtaccount];

[Txtaccount release];

Second,uitextfielddelegate entrusted

// Set input box, whether can be modified

//no- cannot be modified, keyboard not present

//yes- can be modified, default value

-(BOOL) textfieldshouldbeginediting: (uitextfield *) textfield{

return YES;


The method is executed when you click the back key of the keyboard (lower-right corner).

// commonly used to hide the keyboard

-(BOOL) Textfieldshouldreturn: (uitextfield *) textfield{

if (txtaccount = = TextField) {

[txtaccount resignfirstresponder];


return YES;


The method is executed when the input box gets the focus.  

-(void) textfielddidbeginediting: (uitextfield *) textfield{

NSLog(@ "textfielddidbeginediting");


// Specify whether to allow text fields to end edit, allow text fields to lose first responder

-(BOOL) textfieldshouldendediting: (uitextfield *) textfield{

return YES;


// text box when you lose first responder, execute  

-(void) textfielddidendediting: (uitextfield *) textfield{

NSLog(@ "textfielddidendediting");


// indicates whether to allow content to be purged based on user requests

-(BOOL) textfieldshouldclear: (uitextfield *) textfield{

NSLog(@ "textfielddidendediting");

return YES;


// text box text, whether it can be modified

-(BOOL) TextField: (uitextfield *) TextField shouldchangecharactersinrange: (nsrange) Range replacementstring: (nsstring *) string{

return YES;


Uitextfield Manual Writing

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