UML development tool rose Ralation's cracked installation,

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The UML development tool rose ralation in the windows764 hack installation,

This development tool is mainly to do the system architecture, he on the XP system in accordance with the online crack tutorial installation should be no problem, but the installation of windows764 more trouble

But the beginning of the operation is the same as the XP installation steps, here are a few points to note:

One: System variables need to be configured as uppercase common instead of commom,

Two: Not only need to add a flemp file under Wind32 This folder, but also need to winwow

It is necessary to place this file in both folders flexlm.cpl

Finally, in the control Panel to display the display as a small icon, and then find a small icon associated with the click to set the path, ... Once the status is successful, restarting the software will find

or prompt input license this is the first small icon to enter the server's IP and port, this is the server to enter the name of its own computer, the port is not input, and then click Done.

And then the second time to start the software will also prompt you only need to click on the next step will automatically enter the software interface

UML development tool rose Ralation's cracked installation,

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