UML Summary of component diagrams and deployment diagrams

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a component Diagram1. Meaning of the component:

is a physical part of a system that conforms to a set of interfaces and provides implementation, usually a physical implementation of the development and runtime classes.

A component is a physical implementation unit of a well-defined interface in a system, relying solely on the interfaces supported by the component. A component in the system can be replaced by other components that support the correct interface.

2. Comparison of components and classes

3. What the component diagram means

Used to represent a diagram between a component and a component in a system, a class or interface, and a component.

4. Relationship between component diagrams

(1) Dependency: indicated by a dashed arrow

(2) Realization of the relationship: a solid line representation, more used between the components and interfaces, components can be implemented interface.

Two department diagram1. Meaning:

The deployment diagram describes a static view of the hardware nodes at the time of the system runtime, where the software running on those nodes will be physically run, and how they will communicate with each other.

2. Composition:

(1) Node:

(2) Connection:

3. Differences between nodes and components:The component is the thing that participates in the system execution, and the node is the thing that executes the component;

Artifacts represent the physical packaging of logical elements, while nodes represent the physical deployment of components.

comparison of three component diagrams and deployment diagramsthey are implementation diagrams that represent implementation information.

Component diagrams embody the internal definition, internal structure and mutual dependence of the system components.

The deployment diagram reflects the deployment structure of the system on the hardware platform.

Four Summary

Component diagram and deployment diagram for the late stages of software need to consider the issue, and now have not really contact, understanding is not very deep, will continue to learn.

UML Summary of component diagrams and deployment diagrams

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