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Today, I uninstall Google browser from the computer, after all my browser can not open the Web page, then look for the reason from the Internet, with the 3rd 2nd article solved the problem.

First, if you can exclude the hardware reasons (memory is incompatible, replace the memory. Is the video card driver installed correctly or is it maliciously overwritten? Look down:

Second, the system or other software caused by the following methods can be handled: the system itself has problems, timely installation of the official release of the patch, if necessary, reload the system. Virus problem: Antivirus, recommended to use such as Jinshan poison PA (free) Kabbah (charge) and other high-quality anti-virus software anti-virus computer

Third, the browser appears memory can not read, write tips:

1, run →regedit→ into the registration form, in →


This position has a normal key value of {aeb6717e-7e19-11d0-97ee-00c04fd91972}, which deletes the other.

2, open the cmd window to enter the following command:

For%i in (%windir%system32*.dll) do regsvr32.exe/s%i carriage return

For%i in (%windir%system32*.ocx) do regsvr32.exe/s%i carriage return

Reboot the machine after two separate runs are completed.

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