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Today's talk is about how to reduce the endless time to fix the picture, spend more time enjoying life and shooting tips.

Let's face the stark truth that we don't like to fix the picture! No matter how humanized the software is now! In fact, we like to put their own excellent photos and share the moment, in order to share the joy, we have spent so much time and energy in front of the computer, but, few people really love the process of repairing the map. That being the case, let's talk today about how to reduce the time of picture editing and speed up the image processing.

Eliminate the choice of the difficulty disease

Whether it's a lot of fun photos on family day or a lot of moving moments at weddings, you'll find that you're making a lot more than you really want or need. The deletion of photos is undoubtedly one of the most painful things to do in the process of organizing photos, and many people have struggled for a long time to keep which one to delete. You may have taken 50 similar wonderful photos in the same scene, but you don't know which one to choose to share.

Before you start editing your photo, you have to have a preconceived idea of how many landscapes you want, how many portraits you have, how many you make, how many you accidentally capture ... If you have an idea of your needs in advance, then when you choose the photos, there will be a lot less nostalgia and more motivation, because you just have to choose what you want.

Rename your photos.

You know you have an excellent picture, but spent an hour rummaging through the various folders but how can not find out, there is no feeling worse than this. So when you're importing photos into your computer, get into the habit of renaming your photos right away. Most picture-editing software has this feature, which allows multiple photos to be renamed at the same time. Even the software that specifically supports renaming, such as "Better file Rename", is a powerful and Easy-to-use file-batch renaming software.

Give up the time to give up

The picture-editing software opens a door to the world that is full of temptations and possibilities, because it can save a miserable picture. But what I want to say here is that if this picture is really bad, no matter how you save it, you can still see the trace. So, if the picture is really bad, then delete it, immediately clear it out of your hard drive, delete a bad picture you have nothing to lose.

Shoot stars for your pictures

While browsing photos, while shooting stars for photos can reduce the time you face the computer, Lightroom is a good star and sorting software. First impressions are often correct, and trust their intuition to give the photo an initial rating of the star, all you have to do is look at the photos and make a judgment about the photos, remove the stars, even the two stars, and keep those three stars in the second time, if you can do that, Can greatly reduce the number of poor photos.

RAW format

As we all know, the idea of setting the format to raw when taking a picture can be seen everywhere, and it's really important. Because this is the best way to improve your editing speed and achieve the desired results when you edit a picture, the lossless format of the photo means that you have more leeway than the JPEG format for editing, faster and easier to process the photos you want.

Using the Actions feature

If you take a lot of photos on the same subject or you need to unify an initial hue in a group of photos, you can use the "action" feature in the image-editing software because it's the easiest way to improve the speed of your work without sacrificing the quality of your photos.

Apply meta data to a photo

When you import a photo, it's also a good practice to apply metadata to photos and label your photos, which can help you quickly find photos, and now the software can support you with more than one photo at a time. Applying meta data information, such as your name and contact details, is much more effective than adding watermarks to copyright protection. Tagging photos, such as location and photo types, not only allows you to quickly find them, but also makes them more advantageous in search engines.

Working with Layers

It sounds like a proposal that doesn't have to be taken out at all, but the problem is that a lot of people can't do it. Using layers allows you to go back and change any step of the photo. For example, if a publishing house wants to use one of your black-and-white photos, you may want to contrast the picture, or remove clutter to make the photo more concise, and the layers are essential. The layers you can save and remove can save your image editing time and avoid the dilemma of starting from scratch.

Adjust the white balance first

Most images have a slight bias imbalance, so correct them first in the original edit, or you may spend too much time correcting a large number of photos with exposure problems.

Firmly to back up

As we've always mentioned, backing up your photos is one of the most important things a photographer can do. As mentioned earlier, if you don't want to waste time editing photos, then you need to make a backup plan and make sure it never loses the results of the hard work that preceded it.

Adhere to the unified work process

You may not be able to summarize the best workflow right away, but once you've got a process, stick to it so that few things can slow you down, unless you're out of the workflow or using unfamiliar new software programs. If you want to deal with images efficiently, you must have a perfect image-editing process of your own.

Don't stay up late.

Unless you are a real night owl, the more the more excited, or try to avoid late-night repair, low efficiency does not say and also hurt the body. To avoid this, get rid of your procrastination thoughts, heap things on deadlines, and only make yourself more miserable.

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