Under Windows, Testlink Installation Guide

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First, pre-installation preparation

1, download mysql (mysql-5.0.96-win32) 2, download Testlink (testlink-1.9.4.tar) 3, download xampp (xampp_3. Second, install MySQL database third, installation xampp1, click to run and install 2, after installation, go to the installation path to find the "XAMPP" folder: (1) Double-click Run Xampp_start (2) Step (1) Run finished, double-click Run "Xampp-control" 3, on the "Xampp-control" page, start "Apache", "MySQL"NOTE: If Apache and MySQL boot unsuccessfully, it is possible that ports 80 and 3306 are occupied. Here's how to fix it:Solution 1: (1) in the command line mode input netstat-a-n-o (2) view the corresponding PID (process number) of (3) According to step (2) of the PID process, kill the process, and then reinstall Apache. (Press the CTRL+SHIFT+ESC key to open the Windows Task Manager, select the Process tab, and then tick the PID (process identifier) in the view-Select column of the menu bar. ) Third, configuration Testlink1, copy "Testlink" folder to "\xampp\htdocs\" directory;Note: Remove the version number after the folder, i.e. "Testlink---1.9.2" to "Testlink "2, open IE browser, enter: Http://IP Address: Port number/testlink (such as: Http://localhost:80/testlink), open the parameter Configuration page. (1) Click "New Installation" (2) on the page to verify the system parameter requirements, click Continue:Note: If the page has the following error (hint failed), then make the following changes:Modify the config.inc.php file under Testlink (Testlinkdir indicates the installation directory path, such as: D:\xampp\htdocs\testlink ): Note: $tlCfg->log_path = '/var/testlink/logs/';/* Unix Exampleadded: $tlCfg->log_path = ' [testlinkdir]/logs/'; Note: $g _repositorypath = '/var/testlink/upload_area/';/* Unix Exampleadded: $g _repositorypath = ' [testlinkdir]/upload_area/';(3) Enter the configuration page, configuration parameters such as: (4) The above parameters are configured, the page appears "Process tesklink Setup" button. Click the button to proceed to the next step. (5) When the following page prompts, indicating that the configuration is successful: 3, enter the "\xampp\htdocs\testlink" directory, the installation directory to delete, 4, the process of Chinese: copy String.txt to "\xampp\htdocs\testlink \LOCALE\ZH_CN "Directory, replace the original String.txt file 5, Login: Http://IP address/testlink. (Default User name: admin; Password: admin. Here all the Testlink configuration work is done and you can then use the)

Under Windows, Testlink Installation Guide

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