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First spit slot, now most of the SEO staff live in the bottom of the Internet, can be said to be in dire straits. On the one hand, the company's low wages, but asked SEO staff will be HTML, will be programmed, will be data analysis, will be SEO, will be bidding, website design, Web site production, will PS, will reload the computer, will be the database, will user experience building, will manage the domain name, will maintain the server and so on and so on, that is really, skills everything proficient, A new generation of SEO personnel can be said to be omnipotent. On the other hand, the search engine's crazy bombing, SEO optimization personnel do not know how to deal with, every day blindly optimization, more do not know where to go, can be said that the current SEO optimization personnel living environment is very bad.


Now, a lot of seoer no longer like once that has the passion, every day to know countless times to webmaster tools to inquire about the site, there are wood? Constantly updated content hair outside the chain, there is wood? Gesanchaiwu to Baidu search their keywords to see rankings, there are wood? Yes, at this stage of the SEO is indeed more difficult than before, But we should not be blind every day to update the content, hair outside the chain, so that can not change the site, also can not change you. Want the correct SEO strategy, want to more accurate optimization of the site, want the site weight orderly upgrade, want to upgrade the site rankings, want to get more traffic, want to better optimize the site faster, want to raise wages, want a promotion, we must understand the principle of Baidu ranking. May be a little broad, then wood SEO will be based on Baidu's ranking principle of the site's weight promotion or site optimization is divided into 3 stages to let everyone know how to use the most correct way to optimize the site.

 SEO optimization Upfront

SEO optimization early: target keyword did not enter the top 20 Baidu

Personally think this stage is the most difficult to do, because this stage of the site is mostly new stations, keyword rankings can not be adjusted through the content and flow import to enhance the weight, there is no assessment period. Baidu evaluation period of 3 months or so, 12 weeks, this cycle is the Baidu to consider cheating time cost and hot keyword ranking cycle determined, so that in this phase of the site is still in residency.

On the other hand, most users will only see the results of the first 2 pages of Baidu search results, which is why we say to enter the top 20. A new station just out of the time, keyword ranking did not enter the top 2 pages, there will be few users will click, so in the SEO optimization before the search engine can not judge the user experience good or bad, this time the search engine can only be based on the recommendation of Third-party platform to judge, that is, outside the chain

So in SEO optimization early, want to enhance the weight, SEO optimization personnel need to do things high-quality security links. This is the wood-wood SEO said this stage the most difficult reason, because the chain uncertain factors, a little careless may lead to catastrophe.

Summary: SEO optimization can not be through the content adjustment and flow import to enhance the weight, focus on the quality of the chain has links to construction.


SEO Optimization Medium-term

SEO optimization Mid-term: Target key keywords into the top 20 Baidu

Into the medium term, the site not only through the Baidu audit period, the target keyword ranking also entered the first 2 pages of search results, according to Baidu's Click Ranking principle of this time the chain effect is reduced, replaced by the user clicks the traffic, machine users click to vote. Users click to vote for the target keyword demand, Baidu will not be for the needs of the minority and ignore the majority of people's recommendations.

For a very simple example, your main words in the Baidu 11, but if you do a few days of the main keyword Click traffic is more than the 3rd page, then it is likely that your ranking will be 3rd place.

In this phase of the ranking SEO optimization personnel need to do a large number of keyword statistical analysis, to find the user's largest demand for keywords, write a good and timely title and description, ranked in the first 2 pages, want to get the user pro-Lai is simply relying on the brand, title, description and so on. Of course, you can also properly brush the click Flow.

Summary: SEO optimization in the medium-term outside the chain effect weakened, the focus is to analyze user keywords, to attract users to click to vote.


  SEO optimization Later

SEO optimization late: The main keyword into the top 3-5

This stage, the site has been users can still, access to a stable user vote, the role of the chain and click Utility are weakened, mainly on the site optimization, structural optimization, network publicity and so on.

The SEO optimization is subdivided into 2 stages:

 All target key words stabilized in top 3-5

This stage mainly rely on long tail words, long tail keyword ranking, ranking will be promoted, and click the principle of long tail keyword useless, this stage needs to be structured adjustment, flow guidance and network publicity to get a lot of traffic, or statistical tools to statistics in the last one or two months the most user Flow page on the homepage or column page of the most important position, do a good job of internal optimization, to attract users access to obtain traffic, the long tail keyword to participate in ranking, so that keyword rankings will steadily rise, the weight of the site will grow. Or that sentence, Baidu is satisfied with most people's needs.

SEO optimization personnel need to dig a large number of long tail keywords, through the long tail word ranking to attract traffic.

  A large number of long tail keywords have been ranked

This phase of the site a large number of long tail keywords have been ranked, traffic tends to stabilize, the optimization staff need to do is fine-tuning and adhere to. Make small adjustments to the page to ensure the long tail keyword ranking, delete outdated information, update real-time information. Enrich the content, improve the long tail of the word threshold, and then stick to it.

To give a very simple example, we all know that the higher the level of the site, the lower the weight, the less grasping, so the long tail to participate in the ranking of keywords will be affected, this time we need to put the user like content on the home page or other key position to ensure traffic. This is fine-tuning, weight unchanged, included more.

Summary: SEO optimization later outside the chain and the role of click Utility are weakened, the focus is to dig a large number of long tail words, combined with the station optimization, structural adjustment, network promotion to obtain more traffic.

In order to better understand these 3 stages, wood seo to give you an example: A mountain gorilla was sent to the zoo, just start the zoo will not be like visitors show, the gorilla needs to undergo a period of safety inspection, to see if it is safe, can be exhibited. The recommendations of animal managers and relevant authorities are most useful at this time, wait until the gorilla through various aspects of the visitors can be seen, at this stage, the number of gorillas by the impact of the animal administrator is very small, mainly to see the visitors to its favorite and recommended, the more people to see it, the gorilla is more famous. And when the number of visitors rises to a stage, to get more tourists, it takes a gorilla to do something small or a zoo to start a big campaign for the gorilla.

  Written in the last

Above said the website optimizes three stages, has one point everybody should pay special attention: The content construction is the whole through this three stages an important factor, no matter we are in SEO optimization of which stage, we all must do the website content construction, has the content to have the value. Like the gorilla in the example, if there is no point in itself, it is all in vain. In the optimization of the site process, we must not go with the wind, to imitate, and do not blindly optimize every day. We want to know the principle of Baidu rankings, to understand the optimization stage of SEO, recognize the site of the stage, for each phase of the down-to-earth, seriously really to implement. Don't try to cut corners, not to indulge in black hats, all from the user point of view, perseverance is the way to go.

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