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Frontpage 6, BCentral Commerce manager-is not counted as "plug-in" Plug-ins

The online store is not unfamiliar to everyone, but how to manage it generally? Here I introduce a Microsoft company to provide a call "bcentral business administrator (bCentral Commerce Manager)" The plug-in program, you install this plug-in program, you can be your FrontPage website and the company's " Business Administrator (Commerce Manager) services are integrated to help you build your own online store. With this Business administrator service, you can also entrust your products to various network trading mechanisms, such as the MSN Auction Network (MSN Auctions) or the MSN Electronic Marketplace (MSN Marketplace) website.
You must first download and install the plug-in (installed after the "Tools > bcentral" to start), and then online registration of your own bCentral account. " When you choose Tools > bcentral", the first step you need to take is to join the product (make sure you have a network before selecting this feature). You will be guided to a page where you must first select the directory category name that is appropriate for your product.

Although this is a necessary step, when you first classify all the products, you can still change your catalog later. In this step, you should first select a primary category for your product, and then select a subcategory directory. When you have finished adding all the products, please press the "done" button. You may think that your product will be listed in the catalogue, and then you must go to the "Seller Console" to formally enable each item previously added so that they are listed in the "My FrontPage Web site" (My frontpage-based Web site) "list, and each product will be categorized into a department. Be sure to complete these steps before you can further add an E-commerce component to your existing site, or step through the e-commerce Wizard to create a new E-commerce site.

But using Microsoft's stuff, you have to pay, want to take advantage of Microsoft is not possible! You have to use the above function, you must pay: 12.95 dollars a month or 99.95 dollars a year, if you register now online, you can get three months of free service concessions. This function and service for those who have a foreign language website, this is worth considering, for us bugs, there is little practical significance.

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