Understanding object-oriented programming ideas in a comprehensible sense

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C # is an object-oriented programming language. On object-oriented programming, first of all, object-oriented programming English object-oriented programming short for OOP. In layman's terms, it is meant for object programming, object-oriented objects, meaning that everything is an object. Object-oriented --is to divide the transaction of the problem into various objects, and to solve the problem by using the relationship between objects, object-oriented is easier to encapsulate the object and reuse the object because it divides the transaction into various objects. This is also the object-oriented characteristics (encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism) after this.

To get a little clearer, for example:

For example, to solve the problem of going to a financial company to work, the use of object-oriented implementation.

Break into Objects First:

1. Get up. This is an object in which there are members (dressing, washing, brushing, eating)

2. On the road This is the second object, there are members (vehicles, routes)

3. To the post this is the third object, there are members (sign in)

4. Work This is the fourth object, but also the core object of the day to work, the object can be more complex, including more members (into the work, the completion of the work process, reporting work, etc.)

5. Off duty This is the fourth object, this object, there are members (vehicles and routes) this and go to work the same route, but the direction is different, here can be used to object-oriented point of reuse features.

An example of this is the use of object-oriented programming to complete a "financial company work Super system"

Understanding object-oriented programming ideas in a comprehensible sense

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