Understanding of Software Engineering

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Understanding of Software Engineering:

Software engineering is a discipline that uses engineering methods to construct and maintain effective, practical and high-quality software. It involves programming languages, databases, software development tools, system platforms, standards, design patterns.

In modern society, software is applied to many aspects. Typical software is e-mail, embedded system, human-machine interface, Office suite, operating system, compiler, database, game and so on. At the same time, almost all industries have computing software applications.

The framework of software engineering can generally be summed up as: objectives, processes and principles.

Problems encountered:

1, learning software engineering to use what is the basis of the subject?

2. How does software engineering help us learn the IoT project?

3. What kind of learning plan should we specify for learning software engineering?

4. What is the recognition degree of software engineering ability of enterprise now?

5, Software Engineering in addition to learning programming what else to learn?

6. What is the most important part of developing a software that requires teamwork or an individual?

Understanding of Software Engineering

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