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General website design from planning to content are very focused on user experience and usability guidelines, the overall style of the website simple, clean, all the information points are trying to let the visitors know.

We do PPT design can be from a number of excellent web interface to seek some inspiration.

1, the design of the layout in the website

We are looking for PPT design from the site is not the inspiration relative to all the site interface, must be carefully selected and differentiated. The above page in the layout of the structure of the site design is a more common one. Analogy to a new blank PPT document, when we fill half of the space with a color block, it once constituted a layout of the upper and lower structure.

From the Web site to find the inspiration for PPT design also learn to filter the content of the site interface, remove some unnecessary elements, looking for a reference to the expression elements.

The following is a design attempt in ppt

The structure of the site interface design. Web page of the menu bar design is now more and more used in PPT design, through the navigation menu link settings, can be very convenient to jump to the corresponding page

2. Image presentation skills in the website (Clip art mode)

It is also a very popular image design method in today's Web site interface. The concept of clip art coiled the word "collage". The following Web site design banner piece, very obvious two layers, the character picture is placed in the upper layer with the way of clip art, larger than the background area, forming an irregular outline. This kind of design prevents all the ordinary of the rectangle picture, at the same time appears to have the design feeling very much.

3, the website color design speaks of color, is a very general concept.

The trick here is to look at the same industry features/types of websites If you're worried about how to color your ppt when designing a ppt. The site is based on screen appearances, PPT based on screen and projection. Under projection, the saturation of the color decreases. So choose some of the highlighted colors and highlight the theme by color.

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