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Yesterday, I was honored to be invited to join Microsoft's first session to build the community ecosystem of Microsoft technology Developers, a game developer who went from. NET to unity, and half the Microsoft technology Circle, has always been a favorite for Microsoft technology, and because of this, I've also "instigated" my wife to become a. NET developer. The attendees are friends from various technical communities and industry. Not only have. NET community, there are more than 20 people, such as Google, Java, Nodejs, Linux and other open Source society experts or community organizations. This session is different from the past is only the organizer of the process of reading PPT, the following participants to listen to, this time more is the participants to speak and exchange.

The meeting was Microsoft's move to open source, a new posture based on cloud strategy. More is the communication with the technical community, more attention to the development of the technical community, open-minded change of service exchange, which allows more Microsoft technology development enthusiasts to see the future of hope, the current source is the general trend, Microsoft in 14 years after the replacement of the CEO vigorously advocated to take the open source route, will not let Microsoft's ecological more and more narrow, I learned from my friends that their company. NET products have to be transformed with Java development, I also asked why, the answer of friends is the company recruit difficult. The same problem, for developers, it is difficult to find a job, so that the environment will only be one step worse, perhaps Microsoft has this awareness, so now re-focus on the development of the technology ecosystem, this offline exchange will be more and more, which also let Microsoft technology developers see the future of hope.

For this meeting, let's start with a final photo:

The following records the meeting process:
1. Introduction of the opening moderator and Microsoft's history
The host is Microsoft China Cloud Technology Ecological operation and maintenance of strategic Director Dr. Spating, just when I found a seat to sit down, Dr. Shi was very friendly to come and talk to me for a little while and give me his card, asked me to do unity development, I feel very cordial about the unity ecosystem in Beijing and the strong support from Microsoft to the Unity offline Exchange. At the beginning of the meeting, he made a simple self-introduction, knowing that Dr. Shi had joined Microsoft for 1995 years, and could be said to be a witness and participant in Microsoft's development.

Then also introduced Microsoft 14 replacement of the new CEO Satya Nadella, the leader of Microsoft change, the traditional closed Microsoft into the open-source era.

And then Microsoft's development in recent years and the contribution of tools and open source

Open side is the data that the open source contributes

It can be seen that Microsoft in recent years, the attitude and strength of open source is huge, here I would like to suggest that open source is not only open source framework, if more open source real business case is better, of course, this proposal in the following proposed communication is also the boss raised.
2. Introduction Docs.microsoft.com, an online learning document that contains all the directions of Microsoft technology, is very, very detailed.

3. Self-Introduction process
Everyone did a self-introduction, at first I was a little nervous, introduced me is a unity game developer, behind the major companies and the community of the promoters and active people, but also I am familiar with the Yang Zhenping teacher, before in the CSDN exchange met, Also impress me Gaobo teacher and Luoyangming teacher, Luo teacher and Zhang Shanyu teacher are community adults.
4. Focus on two topics "discussion on technical document learning for developers in the cloud era" and "building the eco-environment for developers in the cloud era"
In view of these two themes, each teacher has published their own views, I also actively made two speeches, expressed some of my views and suggestions. I propose that Microsoft not only pay attention to the development of the online ecosystem, but also focus on the communication and development of the offline ecosystem, I know the boss and Ctrip Baidu, some of their bosses often organize offline spark exchange activities, as well as the unity Beijing offline community to glaze-based community developers often organize offline activities, Therefore, I also propose that Microsoft should not regularly organize the offline communication activities led by a technical field, so as to promote the development of the entire Microsoft technology ecosystem.
About the other teachers I also have listened carefully to their pertinent suggestions, the following I do a simple summary, there is the wrong place also forgive me:
A. Microsoft online documentation is a good fit for different levels of developers, and Microsoft Docs MSDN and now docs are great, but not for all levels of developers.
B. Expect Microsoft to work with universities to get students to learn about Microsoft technology as soon as possible.
C. Microsoft should pay attention to community grassroots developers, give them a lot of sponsorship, let them maintain the Microsoft technology community, some developers are still very influential, such as Zhang Shanyu teacher, my idea of. NET is the first person in the country, has been to help push. NET technology.
D. Microsoft has a lot of organized offline activities for the company and more developers to participate in, to the company more access to a job needs of talent, for developers can also better contact and understanding of the company.
5. Photo and halfway dessert after the meeting
, the following will also be posted I participate in the activities of some photos, do not like to spray, the article is also to me a souvenir of the purpose.

Desserts offered by Microsoft

Before leaving to everyone prepared a gift, open a look at Microsoft Mouse, good surprise, I feel more comfortable than the Apple mouse.

Through this exchange event, I personally face so many experts I also take the initiative to speak is also a progress, followed by the understanding of the experts teachers, listening to their thoughts, the end is to contact Microsoft such a great company, feel Microsoft as a technology giant enterprises in the continuous change and efforts and service attitude, I hope to have such a chance to join Microsoft so thoughtful company, also can only think of Kazakhstan, unless one day, Microsoft to play the direction of the game, can only make their own.
The future of science and technology enterprises will become part of technological progress, in open source sharing, growth.
Traditional it enterprises not only from the technical cloud, from the service model, to the business model of cloud.
Bless Microsoft and other excellent technology enterprises can hundred foot head further, more open, more successful, more social commitment!
Also wish you all technical innovators can actively embrace change, technology to serve the motherland, to achieve their own cause.

Finally, post a encourage each other diagram:

Unity and iOS native development project Fusion record join Microsoft Build developer Social ecosystem offline meeting

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