Unity3d Deploying the Windows Store program to surface for debugging

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Unity3d If you are developing a game in Windows store, you usually need a real machine or simulator to debug, this article explains how to publish the program to surface on the real machine for debugging.

The first step must be to build the project in Unity3d:

Then we'll rely on visual Studio 2013来 to help us debug the Windows Store program.

Visual Studio 2013 integrates a Windows 8.1 emulator, but many applications need to use a real machine, even a mobile device such as a compass, accelerator, etc.

I have just met this problem, so here to summarize a set of solutions for your reference, the author's environment is: Windows 8.1 + Visual Studio + Surface Pro3 (x64) + Unity3d 4.6 +ngui 3.7

1. Download Microsoft's Remote Debugging tool: Remotely tools for Visual Studio (x64) (choose the corresponding version according to its own architecture), Baidu can, to Microsoft official download

The following drawings of the author using mobile phone shooting (surface on the lazy to install a good software, we understand ha, hey)

Surface side:

1. Install the remote Tools you just downloaded, nothing special, normal installation.

2. After the installation, press the win key, cut to the application detailed list, find the configuration program as follows:

Once opened, the remote debugger is now configured.

After the next, pay attention to the user name and password to set up, in order to facilitate the user can directly write the current surface login (local account) account password, you can also write a new, will go to create a new user name and password and fill in the same new system login account

All three checked

Then the next configuration is done.

3. If you have just filled in a new user name and password, then go to create a new login account, remember to set as Administrator permissions

4. Next go to the local security policy to give the new user access as a service, access to the Control Panel-system and security-management tools-local security policy, the location of the newly created users to assign permissions

5. After the allocation is complete, finally open the Remote Debugging tool with Administrator privileges

Click on the permissions in the tool, then click Add, add the new user to the

At this point, the surface side configuration is complete.

Development side (PC):

1. In Visual Studio, open the Windows Store project that you want to publish to Surface, the configuration under debug,unity4.x only supports arm and X86, Surface Pro3 system is X64, but the CPU is also X86 architecture, so no harm , choose X86 Debugging here.

After debugging Select a remote computer

To configure the remote settings, go back and forth in my subnet a few seconds, it will be brushed out (note here, surface should and PC in a network, the author is using the Cheetah WiFi from the PC sent a signal let surface connection)

Click and select to complete the setup.


After the PC end is set up, you can click on the remote computer debugging to start the deployment, the first deployment, on the surface will be prompted to enter the Windows Developer account to obtain the development license, there is no way to apply for a Microsoft live account, after obtaining the license, the Visual Studio started deploying, deployment finished, the U3D program was just written on the surface side, and the PC-side Visual Studio entered debug mode.

Here Unity3d release Windows Store program to surface of the process basically finished, if there are questions also welcome message, I will take time to answer, thank you for your support!


Unity3d Deploying the Windows Store program to surface for debugging

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