Unity3d Game Development Game Map, Model Basic specification (Q&A)

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A game character's good or bad stickers can be said to play a role of 70%. For a character with a lower number of polygons, most of the details of the game's characters are represented by stickers.
QWhat are the requirements for the size of the game's stickers? Does it have to be square?
A the length and width of a game map must be any combination of multiples of 2, such as 2,4,8,16,32,64 .... 1024 and so on. Does not have to be a square, for example, the length of the width can be 256,128 or 1024*32.
Qcan a game character have only one decal?
A not. A character can have several posters, depending on the circumstances of the different requirements. For example, some online games, its role of the upper body, lower body, hands and feet of the map are several separate, in order to facilitate the paper doll system. But usually it is a role one to two posting charts, if there are weapons and other accessories usually calculated separately.
QWhat channels can I use to map the role of the game? Can I use only color channels?
A Game Role Mapping depending on the engine, you can use different channels, but also to consider the role of the importance of the game depends. First, the most basic two channels are color channels and transparent channels, both of which are supported by most engines. In addition, most engines support channels with reflective channels and high-light channels. Currently the newer engine also supports the normal map channel.
Qgame maps are typically stored as -bit is still thecolor? For more highlights, please click here ."Dog Planing Learning net"
A It also depends on different engines and games. In general, game maps are stored as 24-bit, with an alpha channel of 32 bits. The older games are all 256 color maps, including CS. There is also a technology called PAL, which produces n dedicated swatches for each map, the number of color swatches is custom, and it can even divide a graph into several areas of similar color, generating a corresponding Swatch for each region individually. And the same kind of map can also be a common color swatch. This greatly reduces the actual number of colors in each picture, even less than 256 colors. This technique greatly reduces the size of the decal and is used more in some earlier games.
Qdo you want to draw light and shade on the game role map? Or will it be calculated by the light?
A game Character Map usually needs to draw basic shades and shades, especially the shading of the detail part. Because scene lights often only calculate shadows projected on the scene for a character, they do not calculate the shadow of the character itself in detail, and the number of lights in the scene is not enough to show a beautiful character light. So most of the light and shade is mapped to the map. At the time of production, the material can be used in the 3D software The spontaneous light is open to about 60% ., then place a main light so that it is closer to the actual effect in the game. Well, the game map specification is not as complex as the model, but there is a basic principle, that is, it is necessary to maximize the use of mapping space! Please click "Dog planing Learning net" for more highlights.
Qoften see how many of the model requirements of the production requirements, then how do you calculate the number of polygons?
A usually we refer to the polygon number of the game model refers to the triangular face, and usually in the 3D software you see that it calculates the number of polygons are four-sided. A four-sided polygon equals two triangular faces, but it's not that you want to know how many sides of your model you have to see the number of faces directly. Because if your model has a triangular structure or even a structure larger than four edges (which is not allowed, of course), the number of polygons you calculate will differ. So the insurance approach is to turn your model into a full triangular structure before looking at the number of faces. In 3DSMAX you just have to simply collapse him into a editable mesh.
QSo how many faces does a game character usually require?
A that depends on what game it is, and what engine he uses. For example, fighting games each character's face number is much more than the action game, because the fighting game the entire picture is usually two people, and the action game with the picture will have a lot of people appear. and the number of online game characters is more economical, because dozens of of hundreds of players in the same screen is nothing new, in order not to let the player's machine so stuck they had to minimize the number of characters. On the one hand, the protagonist's face number is usually more than the supporting role, supporting the number of faces more than the enemy, but there is an exception, that is boss,boss the number of faces may be more than the protagonist. Why is it? Because deciding on the number of faces of a game character is not exactly the importance of the character in the story, it's how many characters the character might have in the scene as it appears. And in the boss appearance, usually only the protagonist and boss two people (like with a bunch of small enemy backed with no guts boss except), so boss can have a lot of noodles. And the protagonist is not the same, he runs through the game, if his face number too many, encounter with the screen has a lot of enemies, the game will be very card. When it comes to this question, some people will ask that the number of faces should be very small, but why do they look so delicate in close-up scenes? This is because in the game will usually produce several sets of models for the protagonist, the number of faces from low to high, respectively, used in various occasions, when there is close-up, it will switch to a higher number of the model, this technology is called LOD (Level Ofdetail). Said for a long while did not say a role usually how many sides, because this is really different occasions have different requirements, if must ask, probably is 1000-5000 triangular face bar.
Qgame models are triangular surface calculation, I downloaded a lot of game models to see they are also triangular structure, that is not to say I also need to make my model into triangular structure?
A not required. Please do not misunderstand that the game model needs to be done in a triangular structure when it is made. When we make a game model, we usually use four sides, only to calculate the number of polygons to be converted to triangular polygons. However, since the game model needs to be converted to a triangular structure when it is eventually exported to the engine, it is necessary to pre-convert to a triangular structure to adjust the model.
Qdoes the game model have as few polygons as possible?
A lot of newbies are always very careful when they tell him how many faces a character has to limit, and finally it's wrong to control the number of faces far below the supervisor's requirements. Because the number of facets of each character is planned and calculated accurately by the programmer, you are wasting the resources they allocate to you if you do very little. It should be calculated that there is no effective use of existing resources (laughter). So a good game model is not the lower the better, but the closer to the required number of polygons the better.
Qoften hear game models needSMOOTHso that the number of faces in the model will not become much more?
A You hear the smooth is not to say the mesh subdivision, but that the surface smooth group display. The so-called smooth surface group display is just a smoothing of how the polygon is displayed, and does not increase its number of faces. The game model usually needs to add surface smooth group display. The above answers some basic questions about the model, now to talk about the game model in the establishment of some of the taboo. Based on different game engine, there are different requirements, so the taboo things are not the same, the following list is some of the usual circumstances should be avoided.
1, empty point. The so-called empty point means that there is only a point on the model and no face, this situation is usually not intentionally caused, but accidentally copied a point or some wrong operation caused.
2, open geometry. The so-called open geometry refers to the absence of a closed polygon, such as a box with only 5 faces.
3, redundant coincident faces. This is also usually caused by accidentally duplicating a face. Although these are small problems, it is important to check the model carefully after the production is complete to ensure that there are no such problems.
4, Dayu four sided faces. It is important to note that the game model does not allow polygons that are larger than the four sides to appear.
5, too sharp a point. This may not be very good to understand, for example, we understand, such as the tip of the spear, the tip of the point to try not to use only a dot, preferably in the tip of a face to represent.
6, try not to use the split command in Max, as well as to specify a different smoothing group ID for a different area of the model. Because this interrupts the triangular continuity of the model.
7, do not insert between objects as far as possible, that is, try not to have an object inserted into another object situation arises. As a matter of fact, it saves a bit of computation and loading speed by making every component as much as possible.

Unity3d Game Development Game Map, Model Basic specification (Q&A)

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