Unity3d Game Production (iv)--asset server Building

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Asset server is a resource versioning tool that is now available within unity, similar to what we normally know about Svn,perforce, but is more useful for current Unity,asset server than SVN and PerForce version control software. Because the unity3.x version of SVN and other software support is not very good, in many people work together, often occur data loss and so on. Therefore, this article focuses on the construction method of Asser server. As for the daily usage, it is very similar to the use of SVN and other software, so there is not much to say here.

About the asset server construction steps, in fact, the official website has been explained in more detail in the forum, here, I will only summarize it to make it clearer. The setup steps for Asset server are as follows:

1, first to the official website Download Asset Server tool, the address is: http://unity3d.com/unity/team/assetserver/. After the installation on your server, there is an important place, that is, the asset server password settings, the interface is as follows, this password is the administrator password for the future asset server.

2. After installation, run unity and open the Asset server interface via "Window->asset server" as follows:

3, click on the "Administration", can open the following interface:

4, the Server address input "localhost", User name Enter "Admin", and then enter the password that is set when asset Server is installed, you can connect, the first two items in the right "admin Actions" will be lit when the connection is successful. As shown below:

5. Click "Create" to set up a new project on the server side, then click "New User" to configure the user for the project. Clicking "Create" will let you enter a new project name, assuming "AA", the interface is as follows:

6. Click "Create Project" to create a new empty project named "AA". Click on the item AA and you'll notice that the buttons in the Admin actions are all lit up, i.e. you can copy, delete, and so on.

7, in "User" only "admin" Admin user, want to create another user, you can click "New user" to build.

8. After filling in the information, you can create a new user, as shown in:

9, the above operation on the server set up a new empty project, as well as new users, the following describes how to import the existing project resources into the empty project. Right click on the project AA, select "Connection", the following interface will appear:

10, enter the server IP, the server input "localhost", the user name and password, click "Show Projects" can see the current server project name, select the project you want to connect, you can connect, as shown in:

11, click "Connect", after a period of time to wait, the following interface will appear:

12, the right suffix of "green new" resource is that the resource is new to the server (because the current server project is empty, so all resources are new), need to be commint. Click "Commit", then the following interface appears:

13, click Add All, you can commit to upload resources, since then, the server asset server has been built, other users can create new users to download and upload resources.

Unity3d Game Production (iv)--asset server Building

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