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Before looking for a course on the web to achieve plant growth on the unity3d, it turns out that you need to import FBX files and then a series of not too complicated operations, but I struggled with the animation and animator two controls for a long time, Found that import FBX do not need to understand such a complex thing, here a brief introduction to the steps:

(1) First find a fbx animation file, Unity3d official online has provided free FBX material files, you can find their own asset store.

(2) Locate the FBX file, click the file (Note: The file in the project panel, not the hierarchy panel)

(3) The property is observed in the Inspector panel at this time.

(4) Click the Animations button.

(5) Under the Animations option to find the clips can edit its play clips, click the + button to increase the play fragment start means the start frame end represents the ending frame.

(6) There is actually animation, but we pull the file into the scene panel click to run, will not show the animation effect.

(7) We need to change the wrap mode option in the Inspector panel. I'm going to tick the loop mode first (looping playback mode)

(8) Click the Apply button to save the settings.

This time you can see the animation effect by dragging the file into the scene.

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