Unity3d lens moves with touch screen

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#pragma strict//used to bind referential objectsvarTarget:transform; //Zoom FactorvarDistance = 10.0; //left and right sliding movement speedvarXSpeed = 250.0; varYspeed = 120.0; //scaling Limit factorvarYminlimit =-20; varYmaxlimit = 80; //location of the cameravarx = 0.0; vary = 0.0; //record the last phone touch position to determine whether the user is zooming in or out on the left handPrivatevarOldposition1:vector2; PrivatevarOldposition2:vector2; //Initializing game information SettingsfunctionStart () {varAngles =Transform.eulerangles; X=Angles.y; Y=angles.x; //Make the rigid body isn't change rotation    if(rigidbody) rigidbody.freezerotation=true; }         varNewobject:transform; functionUpdate () {//Judging the number of touches as a single touch    if(Input.touchcount = = 1)       {           //Touch type for mobile touch        if(Input.gettouch (0). phase==touchphase.moved) {//calculates x and Y positions based on touch pointsx + = Input.getaxis ("Mouse x") * xspeed * 0.01; Y-= Input.getaxis ("Mouse Y") * yspeed * 0.01; //adjust position and orientation by lens distance            varrotation = Quaternion.euler (-y, x, 0); Transform.rotation=rotation; }       }              //Judging the number of touches as multi-touch    if(Input.touchcount >1 )       {               varN:transform =instantiate (newobject,transform.position,transform.rotation); varFwd:vector3 =transform.            Transformdirection (Vector3.forward); N.rigidbody.addforce (Fwd*2800); //the first two finger touch types are mobile touch        if(Input.gettouch (0). phase==touchphase.moved| | Input.gettouch (1). phase==touchphase.moved) {//calculates the position of the current two-point touch point                varTempPosition1 = Input.gettouch (0). Position; varTempPosition2 = Input.gettouch (1). Position; //function returns true to enlarge, return false to shrink                if(Isenlarge (Oldposition1,oldposition2,tempposition1,tempposition2)) {//no further amplification is allowed after the magnification factor exceeds 3                    //The data here is adjusted according to the model in my project, and you can modify it yourself .                    if(Distance > 3) {Distance-= 0.5; }                    }Else                   {                       //Shrink wash back after 18.5 not allowed to continue shrinking                    //The data here is adjusted according to the model in my project, and you can modify it yourself .                    if(Distance < 18.5) {Distance+ = 0.5; }                   }               //Backup the position of the last touch point to compareoldposition1=TempPosition1; OldPosition2=TempPosition2; }       }   }            //function returns true to enlarge, return false to shrinkfunctionIsenlarge (OP1:VECTOR2,OP2:VECTOR2,NP1:VECTOR2,NP2:VECTOR2):Boolean   {       //The function passes the position of the last touch two point and the position of the touch two points to calculate the user's gesture    varLeng1 =mathf.sqrt ((op1.x-op2.x) * (op1.x-op2.x) + (OP1.Y-OP2.Y) * (op1.y-op2.y)); varLeng2 =mathf.sqrt ((np1.x-np2.x) * (np1.x-np2.x) + (NP1.Y-NP2.Y) * (np1.y-np2.y)); if(leng1<leng2) {            //Zoom gesture         return true; }Else       {           //Zoom Out gesture        return false; }   }      //Update method Once the call is over, enter here to figure out where to reset the camera.functionlateupdate () {//target is the box variable we are bound to, scaling the rotation of the reference    if(target) {//resetting the camera's locationy =clampangle (y, Yminlimit, ymaxlimit); varrotation = Quaternion.euler (y, x, 0); varPosition = rotation * VECTOR3 (0.0, 0.0,-distance) +target.position; //transform.rotation = rotation;         //transform.position = position; }} staticfunctionClampangle (angle:float, min:float, Max:float) {       if(Angle <-360) Angle+ = 360; if(Angle > 360) Angle-= 360; returnmathf.clamp (angle, Min, max); }   
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