Universal key products of Wi-Fi network security allow enterprises to break through the boundaries of users

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Universal key products of Wi-Fi network security allow enterprises to break through the boundaries of users


In the previous article. it has always been emphasized. this software may only provide temporary convenience. the hidden danger is infinite. this software can easily help Hackers break through the inherent enterprise security boundaries.

After accessing the wireless network of Chuanzhi blog through the omnipotent key. the Administrator is not stupid. a whitelist filtering policy is directly implemented on the vro (that is, only packets of mac addresses in the whitelist are forwarded ). in fact, this can be bypassed.

Analyze the routes used by the flying fish star. Due to the fact that the version is not updated frequently, a vulnerability exists in the previous version, but the decryption cannot be abandoned. Later, the background password is obtained through speculation.

Then I analyzed the network topology and found that the student data was not stored on the Intranet server, but managed through an EMS system... so I didn't start with the Intranet server .... Then I found and logged on to some of the monitoring features...





Suddenly I think of a piece of information, "I have applied for a job as the" Network Attack research department manager "of a large IT company. The interviewer asked me: Why do you think you are suitable for this job? Me: I hacked into your system and sent an interview notice to myself ."

Most of the time is spent on this system. It's hard to get down and take the next EMS system account with the highest permissions.




The data of Dark Horse programmers is also ....

Then we found that not only data is involved, but also finance is involved. For example, students who are in arrears with their tuition fees are changed to pay-as-you-go status. If no reconciliation is made, it will be hard to find out...


You can also send text messages to all students ......


Reference a definition of wifi universal key...

The data is basically the details of Internet practitioners. In case of competitors and talent companies, I will not say much... The breakthrough that leads to this important data leakage is actually an inconspicuous APP.

Https://gzems.itcast.cn/User:[email protected] passwd: woaifeng520618http: // mail. itcast. cnUser: Users: waf520618360 Network Disk account User: [email protected] Passwd: Zhaopin recruitment User: gzczbkPasswd: Author: // Alibaba java open course lecturer passwd: 123321 http: // 8088 User: adminPasswd: gzitcast




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