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Algorithm & mathematics:

Introduction to Algorithms

Detailed mathematics

Discrete Mathematics and Its Application)

Linear Algebra and Its Application

Number Theory and Its Application)


Basic Python tutorial

Python cookbook

Python network programming Basics

Python in a nutshell

Collective Smart Programming

Machine learning practices


Dom programming Art

JS cookbook

Linux + command line and shell script Programming
Laruence basics Server
Linux kernel design and implementation (optional)

C and pointer (read)
Advanced Programming in UNIX environment (optional, classic)
UNIX Network Programming (1) (2)

Computer network:
TCP/IP volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 (optional)
Computer network top-down (must read junior books)

Operating System:
English version of Modern Operating System
30-day self-made operating system (select, boot completed)

Compilation theory:
Compilation Principle (longshu) (optional)
Modern compilation principles C language description (Practice)
Compiler Design (optional)

Basic Assembly 80 x86 assembly language tutorial (optional)

Inspur Summit
Mythical man-month
Hackers and painters

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