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If your SIM card is accidentally locked, do not worry, do not guess, put the pukcode out of the box, leading to the complete lock of the SIM card. Taking mobile users as an example, the correct method is:

Log on to the Mobile Online Business Office, click pukcode query link in the "common query tools" column on the right, and find the corresponding pukcode on the pop-up page. In this case, enter the queried pukcode on your mobile phone and press the OK key to unlock it. If it is a Motorola mobile phone, you must first enter "** 05 *" on the mobile phone, and then enter the prompt "Enter pukcode.

China Unicom users can also log on to the online business office, select "pukcode query" in "self-service", or query the pukcode corresponding to the SIM card, and enter it on the mobile phone to unlock it.

If you are not convenient to access the Internet, you can call the Customer Service Hotline 10086 (China Unicom users dial 10010) and select manual services. Provide your service password and ID card number. After simple verification, you can get the pukcode corresponding to this SIM card for free. Some SIM cards (such as shenzhouxing) provide a pukcode along with the card. You can find the large card that the SIM card was originally attached to. The pukcode is usually printed on it, and it is covered with a coating. You can see it through scratch.

TIPS: If you still keep prompting "Please enter pukcode" after entering the correct pukcode, it means that the SIM card has been decommissioned and can only be completed in the mobile or Unicom Business Hall.


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