Unzip. tar.gz error Gzip:stdin:not in gzip format tar:/child returned status 1 Tar:error are not recoverable:exiting now

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Recently studied shell programming, need to download some. tar.gz files, but often encountered decompression failure situation:

[Email protected] ~]# TAR-JXVF tcl8.4.16-src.tar.gz bzip2: (stdin) is not a bzip2 File.tar:Child returned status 2tar: Error isn't recoverable:exiting now

Today, we have studied carefully how to solve this problem:

1. What is the real property of the file?

[Email protected] ~]# TAR-ZXVF tcl8.4.16-src.tar.gz gzip:stdin:not in gzip formattar:child returned status 1tar:erro R is not recoverable:exiting Now[[email protected] ~]# file tcl8.4.16-src.tar.gz tcl8.4.16-src.tar.gz:html Document text

I race, unexpectedly is HTML, this time finally know is why.

The reasons are as follows:

File download link is not directly to the file, but first point to a page, in this page is the real download link, so on the previous page to save the file directly, actually saved is a page.

If the property is an BZ file, use the BZ file decompression method.

Add the File command:

With the file directive, we were able to identify the type of the document.

-B The file name is not displayed when the identification results are listed.
-C Displays the instruction execution process in detail to facilitate troubleshooting or analysis of the execution of the program.
-f< name File > Specify a name file with the contents of one or more file names, let file identify these files sequentially, in the format of one file name per column.
-L Displays the category of the file that the symbolic connection points to directly.
-m< Magic Digital File > Specify Magic Digital file.
-V Displays version information.
-Z try to interpret the contents of the compressed file.

2. Re-get the tar package path, first open with the browser, from the pop-up Save dialog box to get the download link

This time it's perfect!

Unzip. tar.gz error Gzip:stdin:not in gzip format tar:/child returned status 1 Tar:error are not recoverable:exiting now

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