Up Posture! This is probably the most comprehensive knowledge about the PCB industry, not one

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PCB Knowledge Daquan

1, what is the PCB, used to do?

PCB (printed circuit Board), the Chinese name for the printed circuit board, also known as printed wiring Board, is an important electronic component, is the support body of electronic components, electronic components are the carrier of electrical connection. Because it is produced by electronic printing, it is called "printed" circuit board.

Plainly, the PCB is like an aircraft carrier, just a stent, is the carrier of various circuit components. According to Prismark statistics, 2016 global PCB output value reached 54.2 billion U.S. dollars (about 350 billion yuan), accounting for the total output of electronic components 1/5~1/4.

2, the classification of PCB

There are generally three kinds: classification by structure, classification by base material and classification by use. If according to the structure classification, the PCB can be divided into rigid board, flexible plate (FPC) and rigid flex plate three types, according to the core plate (CCL) layer, but also can be divided into single-sided board, double panel and Multilayer board. According to the base material classification, can be divided into glass fiber cloth board, paper substrate, metal substrate, ceramic substrate and so on. If according to the use of sub-(that is, according to downstream applications), can be divided into communication boards, consumer circuit boards, military boards and so on.

3, the PCB industry in China to replace huge imports

At present, developed countries have gradually withdrawn from the low-end production. China 2000 years later to undertake the global PCB industry transfer, and develop into the world's largest PCB origin, 2016 China's PCB production value accounted for 50% of the world. As the global PCB production center is tilted to China, so the future growth of space is still relatively large, domestic related enterprises have greater opportunities for development.

4. PCB Industry Chain

The upstream raw materials of the PCB mainly include CCL, copper foil, bronze ball, semi-cured sheet, gold salt, ink, dry film and other chemical materials. PCB manufacturing has the properties of processing industry, the main added value comes from its core process and quality control capability. In general, the PCB industry raw material costs accounted for more than 50% of the total operating costs, is the PCB enterprise Maori space is the largest part of the impact.

Electronic Materials

Conventional FR-4 Materials: MTC-97, GA-140-LL

Low thermal expansion coefficient and lead-free process materials: Ga-150-ll, GA-170-LL, Ga-170-le

Environmentally-friendly halogen-free and lead-free process for materials: ga-hf-14, ga-hf-15, Ga-hf-pf5, GA-HF-17
High CTI Material: ga-600f
High frequency materials: GA-LDTL, GA-LD-HF, ga-ld-f
Semi-cured sheet:

Conventional FR-4 Materials: MPP-97, GA-140B-LL

Low thermal expansion coefficient and lead-free process materials: Ga-150b-ll, GA-170B-LL, Ga-170b-le

Environmentally-friendly halogen-free and lead-free process for materials: ga-hfb-14, ga-hfb-15, Ga-hfb-pf5, GA-HFB-17

High CTI Material: GA-600FB

High frequency materials: Ga-ldb, GA-LDB-HF, ga-ldb-f

5. PCB Application

A notable feature of the PCB is the wide range of downstream applications covering communications, computers, aerospace, industrial medicine, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, etc. Among them, communication, computer and consumer electronics have become the three main mainstream applications of PCB. According to Prismark statistics, due to the rapid development of mobile Internet terminal products and the wide use of automotive electronics, 2009 to 2016, the communications and automotive electronics in the field of PCB demand ratio from 22.18% and 3.76% respectively increased to 27.3% and 9.09%, become PCB The most rapidly growing area of application.

With the continuous development of the electronic information industry, we believe that the future application of PCB will be further deepened and extended.

Up Posture! This is probably the most comprehensive knowledge about the PCB industry, not one

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