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Today, in the desktop market, the Win7 operating system's share is getting higher. With the gorgeous operation of the interface and human function design, Win7 won the overwhelming majority of users alike. And for these in the Win7 integration of a variety of convenience functions, or with a part of the user is not very familiar with, today to introduce two, so that everyone in the use of the process more handy.

One, Windows Easy Transfer

▲windows Easy Transfer Welcome interface

This is also a surprising feature added to the Windows7, as shown in the picture, which is the first interface to the Easy Transfer feature in Win7. This feature enables users to transfer files to and from different computers, including user account configuration, Internet favorites, e-mail, and more. This provides a great help for some users who want to upgrade their Windows versions and reinstall them. Below together to understand the specific use of this tool, so that everyone is convenient.

First, open the Control Panel, find "Getting Started" and click in, and you'll see "Transferring files and settings from another computer," and then you can turn on Windows Easy Transfer after you click. The first pop-up is a very user-friendly window, through this window, we see the use of this tool in addition to the transfer of ordinary files, but also can transfer some special files on the computer, such as user information, favorites and so on. Click "Next" to transfer the files that are needed.

▲windows Delivery Options

As shown in the picture, altogether and three methods are available for transmission, users can choose the fastest and most convenient way according to their own conditions. At the same time, in order to prevent some users from not knowing how to use that method, there is a "how to choose" in the lower left corner of the window? The link, the user clicks here will see about three kinds of transmission method detailed introduction, enables the user to choose correctly to be suitable for own computer transmission way.

▲ Select the computer to be transferred

After selecting a suitable transmission path, you will enter the interface, as shown in the window, prompting the user to choose whether it is a new or an old computer. If a user wants to back up the files of their current computer provider, just choose "This is my old computer", but instead if it is a newly installed operating system and want to revert to the previous setup, click "This is my new computer" and then automatically skip to the next step.

▲ Transfer of File selection

A window that prompts the user to transfer the file is then popped up. As shown in the picture, you can click "Custom" to remove unnecessary files, select the next step, enter a password to ensure that the file will not be stolen, and then enter the transfer phase, depending on the size of the file selection, the transmission time is different, File size is more common when you are older.

Second, the creation of Windows7 repair CD

Although the current Win7 system has provided users with adequate security mechanisms, and its own performance is optimized, but some users in the use of high intensity is still inevitable will produce garbage files, over time the computer runs slowly, more serious even cause system crashes, paralysis, so that users suffer losses. In this case, in addition to being able to set up a backup, we can also create a power system Recovery CD. Now let's take a look at how to create a system recovery CD in a win77 environment.

▲ Create a system repair disc

Click on the Start menu, find the "maintenance" folder in all the programs, click on the "Create system repair disc" from inside, and then click In, and a window will pop up to create the system repair disc.

▲ Select optical Drive

As shown in the picture, if the computer has installed to support the burning of the optical drive, it can be created, but first need to put a blank disc in the CD drive, given the large Win7 system, it is best to use DVD disc. Confirm correct, click "Create Disc" on it, after waiting for a while, a strong system repair disc to burn successfully, later encountered system crashes and so on, can be restored through this repair disc.

Overall, these two functions are used to maintain the system, to ensure that users can be comfortable and stable in the Win7 system to work, and not because of a variety of system problems caused by the loss of productivity, which also fully embodies the Win7 system of humanization.

Windows Easy Transfer This feature to the user is convenient, fast and secure. The entire operation process of the Graphical wizard mode, so that users operate very comfortable, even if the computer is not very familiar with the user can also be prompted very good to complete the operation. Windows Easy Transfer is also compatible with older versions of Windows such as XP and Vista, which facilitates system upgrades for users, as well as good encryption of files during Windows Easy Transfer, which can be transferred from the old computer only if the new computer knows the password. Creating a System CD This tool eliminates the hassle of reinstalling the operating system, enabling users to quickly and easily restore the system to normal without affecting work.

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