Upgrade fedora 12 to the latest fedora 14

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Fedora 14 was officially released in November 2, and my fedora 12 has been in use for more than a year. Although it is still very stable, I still want to catch up with the trend.

Completely reinstalled of course is reluctant, So Google a bit, found the preupgrade tool can be used to upgrade the system, see: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PreUpgrade

The only problem with upgrading is that the network in my house is not very good and the terminal once fails to find mirror while downloading the update package. After you start again, it's exactly 5 to 5 minutes in the morning ~ , With an average speed of 1917 K crazy download, soon put the upgrade package, and then install, nothing to say.

After the upgrade, check the software compatibility and find that except for a few software, such as amule and VIM (Vi can), other software can work normally. Amule has to be re-compiled.

After the upgrade, use package-cleanup
-- Orphans checked the garbage package, not many. I was upset when I saw these spam, so I was prepared to manually delete them. The first thing to delete is modemmanager.
It is yum remove XXX. Because the dependency is not carefully checked, the result is directly input y and all depend
On, all its networkmanagers are deleted, so my network is interrupted ......

Fortunately, I have prepared the dvd iso file of fedora14 to prevent unexpected events, so I mounted ISO and went to its packages to find modemmanager and NetworkManager, installed them all, and restarted, the network is OK again!

It can be seen that the upgrade is risky, so you need to be cautious when deleting the package.

In general, the gnoora14 and earlier gnome interfaces have not changed much, and the stability resource utilization rate is improved. The usability of some software is enhanced-each time you make a little progress, this is enough!


[Original: http://blog.csdn.net/bonny95/archive/2010/11/05/5988711.aspx]

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