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When we upgrade the system, we often get a problem, that is, the original system files should do. This is really a big problem, because it is about whether our work can continue, but in the Win8 it is a trivial matter. Today we'll talk about how to save our original files while upgrading the system.

The most important thing here is to use the official Win8 Upgrade Assistant tool, first go to the Microsoft website download Win8 upgrade assistant. Click on "Can My computer run Windows 8?" To download the WIN8 upgrade assistant, after opening our WIN8 installation tour began.

Download Win8 Upgrade Assistant

By running the WIN8 upgrade assistant, the purchase and upgrade process of WIN8 will be done through this software, and we need not have much of a brain to think about, and the software solves most of the problems.

The first thing to do after the software starts is to test your computer for compatibility, to determine if your computer can upgrade WIN8, and in which way to upgrade. Computers that are typically running Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 can be upgraded directly.

Compatibility detection

When the compatibility check is complete, go to the next step and note that this is the most critical part--Select what you want to keep. Here Microsoft offers three ways, including: Windows Settings, personal files and applications, keep personal files only, and do not retain any content.

Choose a reserved content

This shows that through this method we can not only keep the original file, even the original settings can be preserved and used to Win8.

Here our installation Prelude part is finished, the next is to buy and install, but as long as we have chosen to retain all kinds of information, so the new WIN8 system installed after the installation of any information we will not be lost.

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