URL helper Reverse Hack idea + detailed process using MessageBox hack

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First look at the operation of the software:

After opening is this, to register

Just enter the fake registration code to see how he responds:

An information window (Massagebox) will pop up prompting the registration to fail. Here it is, turn it off, then open it with OD and press F9 to run up:

Enter the fake code here, if you click Register, then the Information window will pop up. So here's the API breakpoint for the next information window:

It's okay to have a full selection about the MessageBox.

Then click on the program register, it was successfully broken down.

This then runs in the system airspace, because this is the MessageBox function that the program calls in Windows. So keep down the F8 step by step, return out until you come to the program airspace:

This comes to the airspace of the program.

Note: (from the system airspace down F8 single step, go to the Halfway information window will completely bounce out, put it to confirm after a single step, this is not the program out of control)

This information window just said that registration failed, is already judged finished. So the real judgment code is above this function. You can see the key code above as you go up.

This time the MessageBox breakpoint is useless, click "B" to delete them all.

There is a please enter the user name, the registration code of the prompt, should be when no input, point registration will come out. At the top of the call down, in order to let the program stop here, and then a step further analysis of the following code. Otherwise it's useless to cut it below ...

Register again, the program really stopped at this call, press F8 step down analysis:

See here is very familiar, je skip "registered success", this call should be the function of judging the registration code. Press F7 to get in.

This call in our fake registration code frequently appear (note the bottom right corner of the stack window), should find the right:

Keep running down to the end of the return position:

Next to put EAX 1, violence a little direct RETN 8 this line to change to MOV eax,1

The following line is changed to RETN 8

(To change, double-click the code)

The following code is broken, it's OK, anyway we registered successfully do not care about other things.

Point F9 continue to run, cracked successfully:

The last step, save the hack program,

Put the cracked program into the installation directory, later point This can be, resend a desktop shortcut. The original procedure can also be deleted, keep the words remember not to point it, delete the original way of entry (such as desktop icon)

Summary: The key to the program is that Massagebox, see this feature directly under the corresponding breakpoint can be quickly close to the key code.


Write this very tangled, said in detail is very cumbersome, said the simple small white also can not understand, so as far as possible OD process said detailed, other computer basic operation did not speak. If you have any people do not understand, go to Baidu, those I omitted the things that every computer user must master.

URL helper Reverse Hack idea + detailed process using MessageBox hack

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