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Matching means matching users' search keywords.

Primary Domain Name matching is better than directory name or webpage name matching.
Use-or _ link between English keywords.
For Chinese keywords, the Chinese directory name and webpage name are better than the English directory name and webpage name. Google and Baidu can recognize Chinese directory names and webpage names, but other search engines are unknown. The Chinese directory name and webpage name may make some browsers unable to recognize the URL.
Under the same conditions (external links, etc.), the URL is better than the webpage title match (<title> tag ).
You can use multi-level domain name matching keywords. (For example, china.creditcard.apply.cmbchina.com)
Static web page (.htm).html) is better than dynamic web pages (. asp,. php,. jsp,. aspx ).
The fewer dynamic web page parameters, the better.
Dynamic Webpage parameter names can match keywords.
You can use a pseudo-static address. (URL rewriting)
The URL of the same file should be fixed.
301 permanent redirection should be used for URL redirection.
The primary domain name should not be too long (within 12 characters ).
The URL should contain fewer keywords rather than a large number of keywords.
Common prefixes such as the, for, and of can be omitted in the URL.
Primary Domain Names should first consider users' easy to remember, rather than for search engine optimization.
Google and Baidu cannot automatically match URLs using Chinese pinyin for Chinese keywords. (For example, sousuoyinqingyouhua.html cannot be automatically matched when a user searches for "Search Engine Optimization)
Google and Baidu cannot recognize Chinese domain names yet. (For example, the extension. com)
Compared with. com and. Net domain names, Google prefers. Org and. edu domain names.
Google Adsense first matches ads through URLs.
Subdomain names should not be too many.ArticleCreate different subdomains for category or server purpose.

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Website Protection
Do websites need to be protected? The promotion is too late. How can we reject customers. However, the website must be protected. Otherwise ......

1. Anti-Web Framework
In the past few years, none of the hooligans were in charge, or none of the hooligans in the background were in charge. As a result, various hooligans blossom everywhere. By using the name of the online pick-up, the traffic is well-known, so you are framed.

Anti-Web framework Countermeasures
This year, the law does not protect you, but you can only protect yourself.
Write the following content to the webpage:CodeTo prevent being framed

<SCRIPT type = "text/JavaScript"> If (top. location! = Self. Location) {top. Location = self. Location ;}</SCRIPT>


2. Anti-Domain Binding
Chinese people see. com as the genuine domain name. In most cases, the same domain name. com is under registration, and. net. Org and other domain names are safe and sound. Don't think you are cheap. When you develop with xxx.net, other people will use xxx.com to resolve your website. If you are not familiar with or even proud of it, you should pay the tuition fee, when people are familiar with xxx.com access, they will sell the domain name to you at a high price. If you don't buy it, wait for the traffic to be hijacked.

Defense Against domain name binding
The webpage can determine the SERVER_NAME variable of the server. If the server does not contain its own domain name, the webpage jumps.
The Server ASP code replaces www.kuozhanming.com with your own URL.

Program code
Dim strserver_name
Strserver_name = lcase (TRIM (request. servervariables ("SERVER_NAME ")))
If strserver_name <> "www.kuozhanming.com" then
Response. Redirect "http://www.kuozhanming.com"
End if

The webpage client replaces www.kuozhanming.com with its own website address.

Program code
<SCRIPT type = "text/JavaScript">
Varmy_domain = "http://www.kuozhanming.com ";
VaR page_url = Window. Location. href;
If (page_url.indexof (my_domain! =-1 ){
Top. Location = my_domain;


3. Anti-domain hijacking
Domain Name Hijacking can be divided into two situations: one is to send false DNS information on the gateway, which is valid for domestic and international domain names and cannot be solved in general, visitors can only remember their server IP addresses or prepare several domain names for backup. This situation can only affect some users.
The second is to directly modify DNS information. If the time is long, global users can be affected. At present, the. CN Domain Name is more likely to be modified. For example, the domain name of Google and MSN. CN was hijacked a few days ago. And a few years ago, Tencent illegally snatched the qq.com.cn domain name.

Defense Against domain hijacking
Try to register. com. NET and other international domain names. Besides, the. CN Domain Name is not open to individuals (that is, personal registration is not legally guaranteed .)


4. Anti-Piracy
Piracy infringement is actually a big problem, but it is not a big problem in China. Basically, image leeching affects servers. Do you want to be bigger or stronger?
I don't know if they don't do anything when sending fake money to these infringers. I don't think the difference is big.

Anti-Piracy and infringement measures
The following is only a simple protection method. To solve this problem, you must wait for a decent copyright law to be published. There are also countries with the same determination as blocking some websites.

Use images in the document and add your own Website Logo and domain name as watermarks.
The article contains complex HTML tags and various links to reduce readability after simple replication.
Use your own website for example in the article.


5. Prevents website replication and collection
There are a variety of online advertising platforms, and many people have adopted this simple website creation method to copy all other websites.

Protection against website replication and collection policies
Generally, the IP address of the server that steals website information is relatively fixed. If you know the IP address, you can use it as needed. For example, each webpage accessed by its IP address contains an n MB image. Or simply block the IP address.

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