US high-defense server-two-way telecom direct link for DDoS protection

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The United States DP High-protection room, high anti-high anti-server, can effectively protect against DDoS and CC attacks. The 21st century is the era of computer network, with the rapid development of the network era, network attacks are also gradually raging, network security issues become the majority of the webmaster's heart, have a anti-attack server is imperative.

Now our common attacks are generally DDoS attacks and CC attacks, DDoS attacks are very harmful, it is the use of a group of controlled machines to attack a machine, so the rapid attack is very difficult to guard against, so it is more destructive and difficult to prevent, can directly lead to site downtime, server paralysis, The loss of authority, brand humiliation and property loss is a serious threat to the development of Internet Information security in China.

High-anti-server is mainly for the network DDoS defense of a server, if the site is often subject to large traffic attacks, you can choose to place the site in high-anti-server to ensure the normal and stable operation of the site. So, how should we choose when renting a high-protection server? Which places should be noticed?

L High Anti-server defense capability

The defense capability of a high-protection server depends on the defense system of the computer room you choose, and the defense capability of different computer rooms is generally differentiated. If the entire room has 100G defense, then the room can withstand the maximum attack can not exceed 100G, so in the rental of high-anti-server when the first to determine how much traffic your site generally attack, and then to select the room. Select room when also to distinguish clearly provide is the cluster defense or stand-alone defense, cluster defense is generally aimed at the entire room, if a computer room cluster defense is 30G, then this 30G defense ability is aimed at the entire room. The size of a single machine is usually only a few g. This is also to be considered.

L Choose a room with good extensibility

Because some enterprises just started when the choice of basic defense is enough, with the gradual development of the enterprise may need a higher defense, then choose a good extension of the computer room benefits reflected, direct contact with the server to upgrade the defense can be, do not need to replace the server and find a new room, not only save the cost also saves a lot of trouble , but the higher the defense required, the higher the rise.

L Room provides ample bandwidth

DDoS attacks occupy server bandwidth resources, in the event of a high-traffic attack, the server should have sufficient bandwidth resources to ensure the normal operation of the business, the United States generally 100M exclusive bandwidth, if you need to upgrade the bandwidth, according to their own use to contact the server business negotiations.

L Rational view of prices

Many webmasters in the choice of high-anti-server, the price as the first standard of choice. The price of the decision is quality, is the service. Server quality, after-sales technical services need to be taken into account. And when renting a high-protection server, the higher the defense you choose, the higher the cost; the higher the server configuration, the higher the price. The most expensive is not necessarily the best, the cheapest is not necessarily bad, suitable for their own is the best choice.
So before renting a server to determine how much traffic your network is usually subject to, how much protection is needed, and if the attack exceeds the room's defenses, then the network service is not guaranteed. Yiu LEI data United States DP Room to provide 100G defense, real defense without a little moisture, room can provide flow chart for your reference at any time.
Also have to determine how much configuration of the server, the server configuration generally includes CPU, memory, hard disk, bandwidth, IP these, Yao Lei data provided by the high anti-server in the configuration is more flexible, you can choose according to their needs.

L Machine Room Line

The use of circuit in the engine room directly affects the user's effect of using the server. It is well known that although the United States server has been a lot of people like, but because distance from mainland China, the middle of the number of nodes, high latency, the speed has been not ideal. Yiu Lei data dp room using two-way direct telecommunications line, from the United States computer room directly connected to the domestic, not through the other lines, not through so many nodes, delay greatly reduced.

L Service

No one can guarantee that the server can never be a problem, all we have to do is to solve the problems in the first time when the server is in trouble, which requires an efficient after-sales team to support. Yao Lei data after-Sales technical department all year round, 7*24*365 after-sale online support, QQ, telephone, work orders a variety of contact, to create a gold medal after-sales service, so you worry-free after-sales.

Company Name: Zhengzhou Yao Lei Technology Co., Ltd.

US high-defense server-two-way telecom direct link for DDoS protection

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