USB disk in Linux to display an abnormal solution

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General use of this command: Mount-o iocharset=utf8/dev/sdb/tmp/fat

If not, you can try the following command:

Mount/dev/sdb/mnt-t Vfat-o Codepage=936,iocharset=utf8

Mount/dev/sdb/mnt-t Vfat-o Iocharset=utf8

Mount/dev/sdb/mnt-t Vfat-o codepage=936,iocharset=gb2312

Mount/dev/sdb/mnt-t Vfat-o CODEPAGE=936,IOCHARSET=GBK

Mount/dev/sdb/mnt-t Vfat-o codepage=936,iocharset=gb18030

You can also try the following methods:

Open the Gonme configuration Editor, in "System"-"configuration," and then open "storage", find the following key (a bit like the Windows registry, change the key value): Default_options, there are several commonly used file systems below this key , such as CD-ROM, NTFS, the general U disk are fat, so find Vfat opened, double-click the right key value after the pop-up modifier box, press the "add" in the formula bar input: Iocharset=utf8, after the exit on the entry into force.

SuSE Linux10.2 on the test, the original garbled can be normal display for Chinese.

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