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The company's 2012 annual results are now in the process of a single earnings show in front of us, in these corporate earnings, there are a variety of charts, so that readers more intuitive understanding of data information. So how quickly and efficiently edit a chart on a cell phone or tablet? Today Mo is going to tell you how to insert and edit a chart when writing a report with the WPS Mobile version.

In the years of work experience, MO has been aware of the chart in the table data plays an important role, such as the enterprise's annual earnings, annual sales, annual profit summary, and so on, not only a large number of data, but need to use WPS Mobile version of the insert and edit the chart to match the resolution, This will allow you to write the report more vivid, more convincing.

Back to the bottom, or with Mo to use the WPS Mobile version of the insert and edit the chart bar!

First, a MO runs the WPS Mobile version on his flat plate and opens an Excel document with an XLS green flag.

When you write a work report using the WPS Mobile version, if you want to insert a chart in an Excel table document, first click the first cell in the upper-left corner of the table, drag the "dot" on the right, select the entire table filled with data, slide the WPS Mobile menu navigation bar to the left, and then under the Insert menu, select Chart option.

In the Insert diagram interface, MO sees that the WPS mobile version provides five chart styles, each style has a variety of styles of charts for MO Use, column chart, line chart, pie chart add up to dozens of kinds, WPS Mobile version of the chart editing function is really powerful, the actual operation is very simple, finger click Select Style, Slide your fingers up and down to select the chart style.

In the actual work, the students can according to their own writing work report type, choose the most suitable presentation Data report chart. For example, MO writes a summary report of the enterprise's annual profits, and to show the enterprise annual profit data, the most suitable chart is pie or column, so MO in the WPS Mobile version of a more Intuitive "column" chart.

Once you have selected the appropriate chart, click the OK button and the WPS Mobile version inserts the corresponding chart into the Excel table document. At the same time, MO also saw the chart shows the table in the corresponding data meaning, so that the financial report data display more intuitive. For the chart itself, you can also move or resize the position by touching.

Business people are always working on Office documents in mobile, while the WPS Mobile version is compatible with almost all Android devices, making it easy for mobile phones or tablet users to edit Excel work reports in Mobile. In the subway to come home from work, you may wish to use the WPS Mobile Edition unfinished annual work summary.

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