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Time, as we grow older, we will feel more and more valuable: all kinds of insufficiency, all kinds of waste, all kinds of delay. The only thing you can do is to reflect on yourself and slowly implement your own time management (instead of managing your time, it is better to manage yourself. Time is fair to everyone, with 24 hours a day, there is not much one second, but what everyone can use is totally different ). During this time, I am also reading books related to time management and trying different ways to improve time utilization and work efficiency. For example, when I go to work every morning, I will spend ten minutes arranging the schedule, write it in a notebook and try to use the mobile phone calendar. This provides a better prompt function. However, work is not a single person's business. It is the result of mutual cooperation between a team, especially software development. It is the result of the collaboration of multiple members and the management of time and schedule, it is also necessary to coordinate with other colleagues to let others know about your time block or their task arrangement. In this way, the project supervisor can know at any time whether the Task Arrangement of the members can keep up with the plan, members also try their best to avoid disturbing others when they are busy.

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Now, let's get down to the point. First, use Google Calendar.

1. Use Google Calendar for calendar.1.1 register a Google account.

You don't need to talk about this! Register your Gmail account directly.

1.2 use Google Calendar for Calendar

After logging on, open the Google Calendar. (If you cannot find the calendar on the Google homepage, click "more". The calendar is displayed below ")

Click to enter, as shown below,


"A"Is the main view area of the calendar. We can see all the items we have arranged. Of course, you can see the schedule at different times based on the date options of the view. This requires the option in "C". You can choose to view it by "day", "Week", "month", "4 days", or "calendar" (detailed style, you can do it yourself after using it ).

"B"Calendar View" is a shortcut for viewing daily schedule. Click to select the daily schedule, and you can view all the detailed schedules for the day by "day.

"D"Is used to customize the calendar. It has a wide range of functions, including" date display format "," weekly start day "," Show weekend "," Custom (date) view (displayed for 4 days, which can be defined as 2-7 days), other calendar invitations, and many other functions.

"E"Is used to display my calendar schedule. Click, select "Settings", and select your calendar name (the account registration name by default). You can customize your calendar name. Here I change it to "my calendar ".

"F"Is a shortcut for displaying other calendars. We will talk about it below.

We have discussed the functions of each regional module, the most importantAdd calendarThis is actually very simple. You only need to click it within the period of view a you want to add. The following dialog box is displayed:

You can also click"Edit ActivityTo go to the details page. After entering the "content", click "CREATE". If the time is not reasonable, move the mouse to the upper and lower boundary of the scheduled time and drag it up or down, you can change the time range, which is very convenient.

OK. Now we will briefly introduce the most basic functions used in the calendar. Let's explore the rest.

2. Share schedules with others.
It is necessary and beneficial to share work schedules with others. It is necessary that project supervisors and leaders can keep track of the schedule of their subordinate members so that the project can proceed as planned. The advantage is that Members can understand each other's arrangement, this can reduce unnecessary and sudden work interruptions, especially for coders, which are difficult to concentrate and will not be interrupted easily. Time management is not only about managing your own time, but also about managing the time of your leadership. This can reduce the leader's abuse of your time and schedule. You also need to manage members, in this way, the time conflict can be solved, the shared time block can be negotiated, and the discussion should be conducted in a centralized manner; The time schedule of subordinates should be managed so that the project can make substantial progress.

Let's talk a little bit about it. Let's see how to set up calendar sharing.

There are two ways to share a calendar. One is to actively share your calendar with others, and the other is to ask others to share his calendar with you.

2.1 share your calendar.

"E", We talked about" Settings "for" My Calendar ". After Entering, as shown in

Click"Share this calendar", Enter the Gmail address of the person to be shared, and select"View All detailed activitiesAnd click"Save"Button. In this way, the shared person's Gmail will receive an email that you share "My Calendar" with him, and Gmail will automatically add your calendar to this person's calendar, open the Google Calendar, you canOther calendars"(F)

2.2 ask another person to share his calendar with you

This is in the"F", Enter the Gmail address of the user requesting to share the calendar, or click the lower triangle icon to select"Add a friend's calendar", Enter the corresponding Gmail address in the pop-up dialog box. The following window is displayed:

Click"Send Application"Gmail will talk about this application sent to the, the user click to receive the link in the mail, you can share the calendar to you (of course, he can do not see ). OK, refresh your Google Calendar again,F", You can see the calendar of the friend you just applied to share.

As shown in,I can see "calendar of friend"He is from ~ At, a transaction "Friend's calendar, test" was arranged ". In this way, as a project manager, you can easily view the schedules of other members of the Project. company leaders can also view the schedules of department leaders on the current day (or a certain period of time in the future. There are some good auxiliary methods for project management.


We have achieved personal calendar and member sharing calendar. Nowadays, mobile terminals are widely used, and more people prefer to use mobile phones to Manage calendar,The next article describes how to share a calendar with a mobile terminal, view the calendar shared by yourself and others, add a calendar on your mobile phone, and synchronize it to your Google Calendar.

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