Use Apache Server to configure php and cgi servers

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More and more webmasters need to know how to configure their own php and cgi servers in windows to debug cgi and php programs locally.
We can use Apache (windows version) to solve this problem: The following articles about installing and configuring Apache Server in a single Windows environment are compiled by myself. If you are testing your website in a Windows single-host environment, we recommend that you refer to it.
It mainly includes installing and configuring Apache Server, using Perl CGI scripts, and using PHP scripts.

-- For some content, see Apache Server System Administrator Manual.

1. Installation in Windows
Of course, you must first have an Apache installation program. Visit Here is a list of Apache image sites worldwide. Find the one closest to you. If you are in China, we suggest you go to the software house to check it out. The file name of A pacheinstaller is apache_1_3_x.win32.exe. Run it on your machine.
The installer will prompt you to modify the default directory C: Program FilesApache GroupApache for Apache installation. To facilitate future configuration and maintenance, we recommend that you install it in the root directory, for example, C: Apache. Then, you will be prompted to select the installation type. We recommend that you select "cuz tom". In this way, you will know what to install. Specific projects include Application File, Source Code, Apache Manual, Additional Modules, and Icons), Repuired Directories (required directory ). You can decide how to install it based on your situation.
If everything goes well (there should be no problem at this time), the installation will be completed soon. Apache will automatically complete some basic configuration, you can use the UltraEdit-32 (or other text editing software) to open the c onfhttpd. conf file for a general understanding.
II. Configure Apache Server
The first step here is the basic configuration so that your Apache Server can run as you wish.
Open the confhttpd. conf file with a UltraEdit-32 (or other text editing software.
1. Find ServerName. Your domain name is defined here. In this way, when the Apache Server is running, you can access your site in the browser. If there is # above, remember to delete it, which is the comment mark of conf.
2. Find ServerAdmin. Enter your email address here. If you use it only on a single machine, it doesn't matter if you don't change it.
3. Search. There is an option below. Remove All the following parameters and add an All (case sensitive! The same below .); Then there is an Allow Override statement, which also removes All the following parameters and adds an All.
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