Use ASP security verification to modify the administrator password of windows 2000 online

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The security authentication mechanism of IIS is very good. We can use ASP security verification to modify the administrator password of windows 2000 online.
When someone logs on to the site, use LOGIN_USER in the ServerVariables collection to capture the logon account, provided that the option of allowing anonymous logon in IIS must be disabled, and then change the password through ADSI in the changepwd. asp file.
The following is a program:
<! -- Client verification script related to the input form (that is, the new password is not allowed to be empty and whether the two passwords are equal) please self-numbered -->
<Form action = 'changepwd. asp 'method = 'post'>
<Input type = 'did' name = 'username' value = '<% = request. servervariables ("LOGIN_USER") %>'>
<Br> enter the old password: <input name = "OldPwd">
<Br> enter the new password: <input name = "NewPwd1">
<Br> confirm the new password: <input name = "NewPwd2">
<Input type = submit value = 'change'>
Changepwd. asp
OldPwd = request. form ("OldPwd ")
NewPwd = request. form ("NewPwd1 ")
UserName = request. form ("UserName ")
Set oUser = GetObject ("WinNT: // ComputerName/" & UserName)
OUser. ChangePassword OldPwd, NewPwd
OUser. SetInfo
Set oUser = Nothing
Response. write "password changed! "

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