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General website construction usually requires developers to do the backstage program design, the front has a professional art to do the interface. Although sometimes developers do some interface design, but often do not meet the professional requirements. In the previous ASP, because the Code and HTML page language mixed together, this makes the website construction becomes quite difficult. But in the, this situation has completely changed. The following is a simple application created with C # Builder.

Open C # Builder, select File>new>other ... menu item, you will see the following window:

We choose C # ASP Projects and you will see that there are 3 options on the right. We chose Web application to start creating our first application. The C # Builder automatically creates a virtual directory under the Wwwroot directory where the Web program is located, called WebApplication1, where you can take a different name from the program's function. When you turn on IIS, you will find a virtual directory named WebApplication1, and if not created automatically, create a virtual directory yourself with IIS.

You'll see the C # Builder automatically help you build a Web page called WebForm1. Here, put a label and a button. (Note: HTML label and HTML Button), as shown in figure:

Press F9 to run the program and you will see a simple Web page for you. Is it simple?

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