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First, the results of the rapid completion of statistical tables

Now, when you have completed the entry of the test scores, you do not need to use the function or formula to calculate the highest score, total score, average score, because the status bar at the bottom of the current worksheet window already shows the average (that is, average), count, sum three values, as shown in Figure 1, right-click to select the minimum value from the shortcut menu (minimum), maximum (maximum), although the pass rate, difference rate, excellent rate can not be directly reflected here, but as long as the simple sorting and calculation will be completed.

Figure 1

The point to note here is that "count" is the number of cells that contain the data, and the "numeric Count" is just the number of cells that contain the numeric data, and there are some differences between the two counting methods (see Figure 2), and ask teachers to note this when they use it.

Figure 2

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