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1. Change the default sheet count

By default, when you open Excel, you create a new blank workbook that contains 3 blank worksheets. But do you always use these 3 worksheets? or what if you could use more worksheets? In fact, this value can be changed to any number from 1 to 255. Of course, few people use 255 worksheets. In the Excel Options dialog box, on the General tab, you can change the number of sheets included when you create a new workbook to the value you want, as shown in Figure 1.

2. Change the number of recently used document lists

When you have opened several workbooks by using Excel 2007, you can see the list of most recently used documents in the right-hand pane by clicking Office Buttons. By default, the number of this list is 17, and we can change it to any number from 1 to 50. Click the Advanced tab in the Excel Options dialog box, and then in the show area, set the value you want on the right side of show this number of recently used documents, as shown in Figure 2.

3. Change the user name

Some things are very simple, but few people use them. Adding a user name allows you to embed names in future documents as author names. When you open the Workbook Properties dialog box, you can see the author's signature. If you want to change the user name, you can make changes in the General tab of the Excel Options dialog box, as shown in Figure 3.

4. Change the standard font

When you save a workbook, do you often change the font and size to a different size? If so, you can change the standard font and font size of Excel to the type you want. On the General tab of the Excel Options dialog box, you can change the standard font, as shown in Figure 4.

5. Change the default file storage location

When you save a workbook, do you often find your favorite destination folder in the Save As dialog box? This can be avoided by changing the location where the file is stored. This saves a lot of time each time a file is stored. You can change the default file storage location in the Save tab of the Excel Options dialog box, as shown in Figure 5.

6. Custom status bar

When you select some cells in a worksheet, the status bar displays some information related to the selected item. For example, the number of cells currently selected, the maximum value in the selected data, and the average. This is a very useful feature that allows you to get some of the information you need without using a formula.

Right-click the status bar to open the custom status bar menu, from which you can select items to display or hide in the status bar, as shown in Figure 6.

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