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It is hard to imagine that the guy called an object in Javascript is a three-element whole. I cannot remember when to learn JavaScript, and it is a bit fuzzy to the window object. In w3school, we can clearly see the property set and method set of the window object, and try to do some test as mentioned above.
Science and engineering people are easy to accept some things or methods from reality and operations. We can install Firefox + firebug to use firebug as our simple console, to learn some common attributes of window objects. With the auto-completion feature provided by firebug, we can quickly and comprehensively find the desired attributes or methods.  
1. OPEN function. To open a new window, you can set some features of the new window based on the provided parameters, such as the scroll bar and window size and position. Window. Open ("") // APPEND "" to the URL of the current page to request resources. Such as: Window. Open ("") // open the Baidu page Such as:
2. setTimeout (func, in milliseconds). If two synchronization events are executed, and we need them to have a forward and backward order, setTimeout is used. Otherwise, a null object error may occur.
Window objects have many attributes and Methods. Most of them can be used based on their names. Here we will not perform a test demonstration one by one. For window objects and many objects in Javascript, we can use tools to conveniently understand their features and usage.
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