Use fireworks to make pendulum bulletin board effect

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See the effect chart first:

1, create a new file, canvas background color selected white. Also set the canvas size slightly larger;
2, the use of Fwmx2004 vector tools, draw rounded rectangle, the choice of a texture effect fill, as shown in figure:

3, input text "Dream Forum";
4, in the rounded rectangle right, the upper left corner of the small circle, as shown in the figure:

5. Add auxiliary shape, find the center point position of the rounded rectangle, as shown in figure:

6. Draw the small circle of the gradient effect on the vertical auxiliary line above the center point, and the two oblique straight segments, check the rounded and diagonal lines diagonally, combine and move to the end, use the Pen tool to draw the curves on two white small circles, respectively. As shown in figure:

7, group (CTRL + A, CTRL+G) all objects, a simple bulletin board effect on the simple production completed. Now make the animation effect.

8, after the Clone Group Bulletin board, uses the tool bar the Zoom tool, separately to the canvas displays the bulletin board to rotate the processing, as shown:

9, check these two objects, and in the vertical center and horizontally arranged, as shown in figure:

10, in the layer board first shield off the right bulletin board. Then select Modify menu, animation, select Animation command, pop-up animation properties Settings window. To set the parameters, as shown in the figure:

11, after the confirmation, the bulletin board object automatically transforms into the component. Double-click the symbol object, and in the symbol editing window, move the bulletin board circle to the center of the symbol editing window, as shown in the figure:

12, back to the main editing window, now a swing from left to right animation effect has been formed. Open the Frame panel and select the first frame. Display the panels that are screened by the layers panel and cut them.
13. Create a new blank frame in the frame panel and paste the object into the canvas. Animate the current bulletin board from right to left with a pendulum animation setting. Select Modify menu, animation, select Animation command, pop-up Animation property Settings window. Parameters are set, where each parameter is the same as the nineth step and only needs to be clockwise in the direction of rotation. As shown in figure:

14, the bulletin board in reference to the 11th step to modify the center of the method to move the location.
15, so, from the right to the left of the pendulum animation effect is completed, in the frame panel in the GIF animation effect set to open forever, let the animation play continuously. And then export it as an animated GIF file, and the final effect figure looks like this:

Tips for making tips:
① in the position adjustment, such as the alignment of the center point, rotation, etc., you can use the auxiliary line in the FW.
② Use the animation panel to adjust the rotation angle to generate animation, it is recommended that you do not delete frames in the frame panel operation. If you need to adjust the angle, you can select the component objects on the canvas right, animation, settings, and then adjust in the Pop-up Animation Settings window.

Fireworks produced by the PNG source map:

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