Use Cloudera QuickStart VM to quickly deploy Hadoop applications without Configuration

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Use Cloudera QuickStart VM to quickly deploy Hadoop applications without Configuration


  1. Download the cloudera-vm image from the CDH website
  2. Use VirtualBox to start a VM
  3. Test and use

System Environment:

Oracle VM VirtualBox 64bit host.

1. Download The cloudera-vm image from the CDH website

Select on the website

Select a vm for VirtualBox and click Download for VirtualBox to Download the vm. The size varies depending on the network speed.

I can download it myself to share: extraction code 57a4

2. Use VirtualBox to start the VM

Decompress the file, click the cloudera-quickstart-vm-5.0.0-0-virtualbox under the cloudera-quickstart-vm-5.0.0-0-virtualbox.ovf folder to open with Virtual Box,

Select import system. Start the VM in the virtual box panel.

One minute.

3. Test and use

Open the browser and go to the Hue interface in the tab bar. Enter the user name/password: cloudera/cloudera to manage the web calls of HDFS, MapReduce/YARN, Hbase, hive, and Pig.

The configuration is successful after the next step.

Go to the CMF Management page.

Click Cloudera Manager on the tab and enter the user name and password: cloudera/cloudera To Go To The CMF Management page to monitor and manage the cluster system.

Okay, you can try it.

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