Use Eclipse Development struts+spring+hibernate Free Plugin Kit

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Note: This environment is a Windows environment, if the Linux environment, please download the appropriate installation package, and the configuration method is also very different, you can refer to the appropriate help.

We use eclipse as a basic development environment, integrating WTP.
Eclipse version: R 3.2.1 20061026
WTP version: R 1.5.2 20061026
Download Address:
Http:// ... 1.5.2-200610261841/
Recommended to use the first download address, the first download address directly click on the download Address 1 on it, the second download address please find and download

2.eclipse3.2.1 Chinese Bag
Chinese Eclipse3.2.1, not accustomed to the English development environment of a friend a little help.
Download Address:
Http:// ... 609210945/index.php
Please download in the second address.

3.JSF Plugin
We use the JSF plug-in integrated with WTP.
Version: R 1.5.2 20061026
Download Address:
Http:// ... 1.5.2-200610261841/
In the second download address, locate the download.

4.Struts Download
Version: Struts 2.0.1
Download Address:
Download the second download address:

5.StrutsIDE Download
Strutside is a plug-in for the eclipse development struts. It feels like the best in the current addition to MyEclipse, supporting the latest eclipse version. Support for EclipseHTMLEditor2.0.3 and GEF3.2.1 versions is required. WTP All in one contains GEF, so I also need to download EclipseHTMLEditor2.0.3.
Earlier version of the application of the article see here, the latest version can also use the procedures inside, you can refer to: Http:// ...; id=1208&page=2.
Version: 2.0.3
Download Address:
The second one downloads

6. Eclipsehtmleditor Download
Eclipse's HTML editing plugin, Strutside's necessary plug-ins.
Version: 2.0.3
Download Address:
The second one downloads

7.Hibernate Download
Version: 3.2.1 GA
Download Address:
Get the file

8.HibernateTools Download
Eclipse develops hibernate plug-ins.
Version: 3.2 beta9
Download Address:
Get the file

9.Spring Download
Version: 2.0.2
Download Address:
Get the file
Version: 2.0.4
Download Address: Http://

10.SpringIDE Download
Version: 1.3.6
Download Address:
Download for the second download address.

11.MyEclipse Download
Version: 5.1 GA
Download Address:
In-situ downloads need to be registered.
Get the file Myeclipseenterpriseworkbenchinstaller_5.0.1ga_e3.2.exe.

12.Tomcat Download
Version: 5.5.20
Download Address:
The second download address downloads the file Apache-tomcat-5.5.20.exe.

13. JUnit Downloads
Version: 4.2
Download Address:
The local downloads can be downloaded directly. Recommended use.
Another foreign download address:
Finally get the file The newest more content please attention:

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