Use Html5+css3+zepto to build a mobile Web site!

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Mobile micro-station, HTML5+CSS3 (REM) +jquery+zepto+iscroll+swipe Comprehensive Development Mobile website , Mobile Web site (mobile website), mobile website template, HTML5 website

HTML5 development Framework for mobile phones There are many, how to find a suitable for their own?

1. JQuery Mobile
jquery Mobile is a version of jquery on mobile phones and tablet devices. jquery Mobile Not only brings the jquery core library to the mainstream mobile platform, but also publishes a complete unified jquery Mobile UI Framework. Support the global mainstream mobile platform. The JQuery Mobile development team said: "We are very excited to be able to develop this project." Mobile web too requires a cross-browser framework that allows developers to develop real mobile web sites.

2, JQTouch
JQTouch is a jQuery plugin that implements JavaScript libraries for a variety of common UI effects, including animations, list navigation, default app styles, and more, on the Webkit browser on your phone. Support includes iphone, Android and other mobile phones.

3.960 Grid on Jquery-mobile
jquery-mobile-960 is a grid framework for mobile WEB development that combines the flexibility of with the convenience of JQuery Mobile. Its purpose is to make the JQuery mobile layout more flexible, making application promises easier to use on mobile devices.

4. Sencha Touch Framework
Sencha Touch is the world's first HTML5-based mobile WEB development framework that supports the latest HTML5 and CSS3 standards, fully compatible with Android and Apple IOS devices, and provides a rich Web UI component that can be quickly developed to run on mobile Terminal's application. Shencha is the first development framework that uses HTML5,CSS and JavaScript and supports audio/video, local storage, rounded corners, gradient backgrounds, and shadows.

4, PhoneGap

PhoneGap is a fast-developing platform for creating mobile cross-platform mobile applications using HTML,CSS and JavaScript. It enables developers to take advantage of the core features of Iphone,android,palm,symbian,wp7,bada and BlackBerry smartphones-including geolocation, accelerators, contacts, sounds and vibrations, and PhoneGap has a rich plug-in, You can extend unlimited functionality with this. PhoneGap is free, but it requires additional software from a specific platform, such as the iphone sdk,android Android SDK for iphones, and can be developed with DW5.5. Using PhoneGap is only a little bit more than building an application for each platform, because although the codebase is the same, you still need to compile the application separately for each platform.

5, Zepto.js
Zepto.js is a JavaScript framework developed specifically for mobile WebKit browsers such as Safari and Chrome. It prides itself on its minimalist development philosophy, which enables developers to complete development delivery tasks simply and quickly. More importantly, this JS frame, is ultra-lightweight, only 5KB. Zepto.js's syntax draws on and is compatible with jquery.

Use Html5+css3+zepto to build a mobile Web site!

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