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Necessary software:
1.GMailStore 2.1 Download: Http://
2.DSLite 2.07.45 Download: Http://
Advantages: Interface Imitation of traditional FTP software, upload convenient, fast, download is also very fast
Disadvantage: Cannot share with others unless the account number and password are published
Advantages: Hide the download address, the mailbox is absolutely confidential, download speed fast
Disadvantage: Uploading things to the mailbox with a DSL is inconvenient to upload and slow ...
But when the combination of both, with Gmailstore upload files, with dslite download files, you can create a perfect personal download station

How to use Gmailstore

How to use

The use of Gmailstore is very simple and safe. Download this less than 742KB of the package after decompression, click GMailStore.exe Run.
Run Gmailstore

Press the prompts to enter your account number and password. When the input is complete, click on the first key icon to log in, and other icons can be prompted to know its function.
Landing Gmail via Gmailstore

Let's start uploading our files now. Click the upload icon, select the file you want to upload. It is worth mentioning that Gmailstore can select multiple files to upload at the same time, and the uploaded file type is completely unrestricted. The speed of upload is good, there are dozens of K per second.
progress bar for File upload

Download words only need to select the file, click to download.
Featured Features

Unlimited Upload
The first is to upload files of any size. Of course, the premise is that your Gmail remaining mailbox space enough to do. When the uploaded file is too large, Gmailstore will split the upload, we can set the size of the split file. Click Tools-Options to set the size of the file to be split.
Adjust file split size
The label function is actually using the Gmail tag function, Gmailstore realizes the file that you upload to classify. Click on Gmail--a new tab will be implemented. then select your corresponding label to upload, the file can be categorized. Note that the label name must not take space Oh!

Multi-user upload gmailstore can manage multiple Gmail users, you only need to add a new account, but due to Gmail restrictions, can only log in one account. However, the author would like to remind that, should be appropriate to use, and should not register a large number of accounts, after all, an account of 2G of space is fully enough.

Check mail function when you log in, Gmailstore can also remind you whether there is a new mail in the mailbox, click the "G" icon, you can link into the Gmail inbox.
New Message hints Feature

The secrets of working principle

Gmailstore in order to make full use of Gmail's Super large storage space, the attachment way to upload storage files. After using Gmailstore, your Gmail mailbox will create three new tags: default,gmailstore,index. The uploaded file will be sent to the mailbox as an attachment and marked with a Gmailstore label. What tags you have created in the Gmailstore, Gmail will be the corresponding new tag name.
The label in Gmail
The file is saved in the form of a mail attachment and labeled with a label
If you upload a file that is too large, Gmailstore will split it and label the message with the first file block with the index tag.
Download each file block from Gmail manually merge the method: After the file from Gmail download, in the DOS command window using the command copy/b part1 + part2 +part3 + ... +partn filename for synthesis! Where Part1,part2...partn is a block file, filename is the composite filename.
Gmail has restrictions on the format of file uploads (such as exe,com executables), but Gmailstore breaks the limit. When you upload these types of files, a Gstore temporary file is generated to distinguish it from the restricted file type suffix. You must not mistake the virus.
Generated Split temp file

After file upload, to Gmail for pop settings

GMAIL | Set up | Forwarding and pop chat records | Enable pop| for all messages Save changes


to encode with Dslite

1. Execute dslite 2.07.45→ tool →D.S. Coding Tools
Open the "d.s. Encoding tool window.

2.Gmail Download Address provision:
"Spop3://gmail account: gmail password| filename"
(Be sure to use spop://as the beginning, otherwise the resulting encoding will not be able to connect to the mail host)
Example →spop3://|test.rar
Set Download password: s{download password}pop3://....
Set download speed limit: s{30 This is the speed limit 30k/s}pop3://....
Set download Limit number: s{10/20n says only 10 people can download}pop3://in 20 minutes ....
Units in ps:{} can be in Y (year) m (month) W (week) d (days) H (Hours) n (minutes)
Fill the address into the "d.s. Coding tool Window" information to encode "Bar → press" encoding "


Use Dslite to download
3. Test Download: Download task (D) → add new download (N) →
Jump out of the "Add New Download" window, add the address → press "OK" to start the download.

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