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Gmail has always been used to log into the mailbox, because Gmail is relatively concise, but recently found that the efficiency is too low, or to use Outlook more efficient webmail.

If you have ever used Outlook, it is a very simple thing, you need to be aware that you first in your mailbox to allow access through the POP mail, otherwise, no matter how the settings are invalid.

Google has done a good job of helping. Stick it out. 1. How to enable POP.

To enable POP in your Gmail account, follow these steps: Log in to your Gmail account. Click on the settings at the top of any Gmail page. Click on the Orange Box for forwarding and POPin mail settings .
Select to enable pop for all messages or for messages that start receiving from now on. After you use POP to access your Gmail messages, select the way you want to handle the messages. Configure POP Client * Then click Save Changes . 2. Configure the e-mail client

Http:// enabled POP in the Gmail account. Open Outlook 2003. Click the Tools menu, and then select e-mail Account ... Select Add new e-mail account, and then click Next. Select Pop3″ as your server type by clicking the radio button, and then click Next. Fill in all required fields and provide the following information:

User Information
Your Name: Enter your name as the content displayed in the From: field of the outgoing message.
Email Address: Enter your full Gmail email address ( Server information
Incoming mail server (POP3):
Mail forwarding Server (SMTP):

Login information
Username : Enter your Gmail username (including "@gmail. com")
Password: Enter your Gmail password Click "Other Settings ..." and then click the "Send Server" tab. Select the check box next to my send server (SMTP) requirements verification, and then select Use same settings as the incoming mail server. Click the Advanced tab, and then select the check box next to "This server requires secure connection (SSL)" under Receive Server (POP3). Select the check box next to "This server requires secure connection (SSL)" Under Send Server (SMTP), and then type "465″" in the box next to send Server (SMTP):. Click OK. Click Test Account Settings ..., and receive a similar "congratulations." After all tests have completed successfully, click Close. Click Next, and then click Finish.

* Do you click "Save Changes" after you enable POP in Gmail? to ensure that Gmail communicates with your e-mail client, be sure to click Save Changes on the Gmail Mail Settings page.

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