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A. Use PS ready-made action to add a personalized border to the photo bulk

Now the online free electronic photo album by a lot of people like to take pictures of friends welcome, we often took photos of a simple Photoshop processing can be put online to let everyone to appreciate the evaluation. When Photoshop works with images, adding a nice border to the picture looks more beautiful. Use Photoshop's ready-made action tool to quickly and bulk add image borders.

You can download from this site to a number of production action, the site shows the effect of each border, you can choose their favorite border, and then download the corresponding action file provided by the site.

Because it is a foreign friend to provide free action files, so many of the implementation of the Photoshop menu command is in English format, we need to borrow it to use the English version of the Photoshop program. This opens an image with Photoshop and then directly chooses to open the downloaded action file, and the open action file is automatically added to the Photoshop Action panel (Figure 1).

Figure 1

When you select one of the actions in this action file (Figure 2), the picture is automatically added to the border, which is handy for adding a border to the picture.

Figure 2

Border Finish effect

Two. I record PS action to add a border to the photo bulk

The ability to combine a mask with a filter in Photoshop can add a variety of border effects to the image, if we record the process action when creating a border effect, so we can add a border to the image in batches.

1. Open a picture in PS, then open the Action panel, click the "Create New Settings" button to create a new sequence, and then click the "Record New action" button, the New Action pop-up Settings window, enter the name of the new action click the "Record" button to determine (Figure 1).

Figure 1

2. Now the red button on the action panel is in the pressed state (Figure 2), indicating that any action to operate PS at this point will be recorded by the action.

Figure 2

3. Select the Layer panel and click on the "Add Mask" button on the layers panel to add a mask (Figure 3). Note here that the picture is on "Layer 1", so the recording action records the name "Layer 1," and when you use the action batch, you put the picture in "Layer 1", otherwise you can't achieve the desired effect.

Figure 3

4. Select the channel panel, select the added Layer 1 mask channel, and click the "channel as a Load selection" button, at which point the channel is selected (Figure 4).

Figure 4

5. Return to the Layers panel, select the image using the "Edit" menu under the "Free transform tool" to reduce the size of the image. Select an area on the image using the rectangular marquee tool, and then select the "Deselect" feature under the Select menu, and add the color of the mask to the mask on the selected layer (Figure 5)

Figure 5

6. The following can be selected under the "Filter" menu of various filters, to design the border effect of the image, such as Select the "Stained Glass" filter in the texture, the resulting image border as shown in Figure 6, change the background color picture border effect more obvious.

Figure 6

7. Now you can turn on the action panel to stop recording, and you've recorded all of the actions you've added to the picture's borders under the custom picture border action (Figure 7).

Figure 7

8. If there is an error in the recording process, you can stop recording, then select the action panel wrong steps, click the "Delete" button to remove this step (Figure 8), and then click the "Record" button to continue recording.

Figure 8

9 Select the created "picture border" sequence in the action panel, click the Expand Menu button next to it, and select the "Save Action" command (Figure 9) in the menu to save the recorded action as a separate ant file. This file can be directly used to open the use of PS, the specific application of the "PS action for the picture to add a border" article.

Figure 9

A PS filter allows you to make a border of different effects for a picture, such as selecting the color pencil filter in the art effect in step 6th, and the resulting picture has a border effect of Figure 10.

Figure 10

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